Sunday, 22 March 2009

Rain Reverie

Rain is falling softly
on the eager ground.
A bouncing raindrop
sets a leaf aquiver
with its life giving promise.
Drips gather along sloping branches
like beads in a string,
or birds collecting for migration.
Slowly they merge
one into the other
until their combined weight
frees them to continue
their earthward journey.
Drip, drop, plop.

(If you're wondering why the rain - go over to 'The things we carried', and see the raindrops trickling down on one of the pictures there. Honest - moving raindrops! Magic!)


  1. You make rain sound beautiful.

  2. Rain. It reminds me of another blogger who talked about the rainy season and the dry season. Here in Oregon we also have two seasons: the rainy season, and the flagger season. The flagger season is the time when the roads are all encoumbered by flaggers, diverting traffic on the highways and byways, so road repairs can occurr. With rain and sleet and ice and snow during eight months of the year, when we finally get out to fix our roads, we only have four months left to do everything else.

  3. Do you really have rain today or is that just wishful thinking. It is blowing a Northerly gale here but very dry. Like your poem though.

  4. I loved the rhythm this poem had. And the way you divided your lines. Onomatopeia does not come any more beautiful than this. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. I believe you Jinksy. I do. Magic for sure.

  6. I love the rain, 'specially when it's falling hard on a tin roof.

  7. There are large thunderclouds on the horizon here. I am waiting for the first large drops to fall. I knew it would rain before I even got up this morning, as we are going for a long drive and bad weather was inevitable. But after reading your poem, I believe I will quite enjoy it. Especially since I'm not the one doing the driving!

  8. Rain on a metal roof is hard to forget. It was the single thing that put me to sleep faster and faster as I grew older and appreciated the sound it made more and more. Nowadays, I have no tin roof but I do have three skylights and they are like tight drum heads that echo the drops of rain. It is a different sound and almost noisy when we are trying to watch television, but it is nice and worth the effort hear it.

  9. Interesting, the different effects rain makes - and their different effects on us. I thoroughly enjoyed the poem - a real triumph.

  10. I love watch the rain fall down. See it bringing the new things to you it's wondeful!

  11. I adore rain! A rainy day makes me so happy. My husband thinks I'm crazy ... but clearly you understand! Your words are beautiful.


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