Saturday, 28 March 2009

Up, Up And Away!

I was intrigued to see on Squared Off But Curvy's blog, a count down to a holiday. Not an unheard of occurrence, be it the counting or the holiday. But what made it so unusual, was method of counting. Sleeps? Yes, obvious enough; but dustbin days and eyelash tints? It's almost like a Just So Story, akin to Tegumai Bopsulai and his daughter Taffimai Metallumai who caused the first letter to be written. A new way of looking things. A brand new counting system. Imagine the chaos if we all had our own versions of numerical wizardry in this way.

I'd count in haircuts. This would leave me a lot of leeway, as I have no regular schedule for snipping off recalcitrant frizz. One measure could be six weeks worth, while another, due to a bad hair day, might only be seven days. I'd be bound to miss the plane, let alone the holiday.
And even if I used my sleeps - would these be all night sleeps (about once a year) , or bother-I really-wanted-to- see-the-end-of-that-film sleeps? ( far too frequent and irregular to count at all)...

I can't wait to see how other Bloglanders would choose to count, given the chance. For Curvy's sake, I hope the dustbin men don't go on strike before the end of her fifteen sleeps, or the holiday may be over before it's begun.

Assuming all will be well, maybe the longed for vacation will begin thus:-

Night Flight

The plane rises higher, to leave far below
somnambular clouds that glisten like snow.
Soaring, it vies with an eagle in flight
as in effortless motion it glides through the night
in pursuit of the dawn.

The jewel bright stars in a sky of plush velvet,
like small silver fishes caught fast in a net,
are echoed by town lights which carpet the Earth
and shimmering, as you encircle it's girth,
peep up from between clouds.

At dawn, the sun's rim appears low in the sky,
and heaven's great dome is revealed to the eye;
first, roseate amber and golden of hue,
then gradually changing and deepening to blue
in the cold light of day.


  1. I have no idea what prompted this textless post. Have you run away from home? Are you taking a trip in an airplane? A balloon? Are you a fan of the singing group Fifth Dimension?

    But as textless posts go, this is the best one I have ever read.

  2. So sorry, rhymeswithplague! I pushed some unknown key on my keyboard before I had written more than the title, and it got posted, bald as it was. Do hope you come back to see what has been added now!

  3. All righty, then! A thousand pardons. Try pressing "Save" and "Preview" in the future instead of "Publish"!!! Another alternative is to leave the title blank until I have finished with the text. Not that you need any pointers from me.

  4. As Eliot's Prufrock counted his life in coffee spoons I suppose it would be alright for me to count in creamcakes would it?

  5. Sounds like the post got up, up and away without you.

    I know of two people that count in sleeps, at least on occasion. It's rather endearing considering the countdown is to something special.

    I think I'd count down to some things with housecleanings .. it could take months. ;)

  6. Oh Jinksy.
    What a lovely idea to invent a new way of counting.
    Now let me see what would I count in.
    Maybe haircuts too like you at 6 weekly intervals...too long, or daily kisses from my Hubs, errrm! too many to keep track of, daily phone calls from kiddies... again too many to keep track of, Cups of coffee a day... too irregular. I know...Dog Walks. 23 dog walks before I see my daughter from Folkestone again.
    Yep 23 and counting!

    Love Granny

  7. It occurs to me that native Americans (erroneously called Indians at first) counted by moons, as in "many moons ago"....

  8. I've only heard of counting sleeps in the last few years, but since then I've heard it quite a bit.

    Sounds like your nights are just as frustrating as mine.

  9. This is a flight of fancy for sure, counting by daisy-chains and such..Lovely!

  10. roseate amber - Lovely la jinks...

    I count by blowing the petals (is that what they're called?) off dandelion clocks - I save them up through the year, freeze them in the ice-swollen streams, hide them under toadstools, and then fish them out every time I need to make wishes, polish my faerie wings and check the time... (...I had to stop reading said blog, 'cos I was getting too jealous about the holiday facts! Can you tell?!)

  11. O gosh, yes, I love bloggers too ;-) Hehe. I'm laughing out loud about the first couple of comments.

    Can't count, use fingers, toes or hubs, who can count scaringly good.

    I really liked your poem and the rythm in that

  12. Ooh! i loved the poem. And we count by sleeps here.. it really helps my 5 year old! LOL! Jenni

  13. I always count down in sleeps!!

  14. Thanks for the mention jinksy, to clarify a little for you...

    We have counted in sleeps for years in our house for events like Christmas and birthdays etc, but it's one of the girls I work with who started be counting in bin days and haircuts (I already had the haircut so that's why it's not there anymore!!)

    Oh and sleeps are sleeps in your own bed, so like us, if you were staying in a hotel the night before you fly, then that's really holiday isn't it because the minute you leave your house you are 'on holiday'.

    Only 14 sleeps and I will be on that plane journey you wrote about.

  15. Interesting thought... what if I were to decide to count in mood cycles, that is no. of times I go from feeling 'up' to 'down' and 'up' again...? would that, at the near end of my life give me an indication of how emotionally active/passive I have been ? just thinking aloud...

  16. Coffee cups and cookies. Now there's a calendar I can abide!

    I like the flow with the poem and this, "somnambular clouds that glisten like snow" is a great image.

  17. Well, for those I'm anable still to 'talk' to, I'm glad to see the old brains had to clank to think of their favourite counting methods. I'll go with the daisy chains and cookies, but not being a doggy person, I'd better forgo the doggy walks, as I'd never get off of base zero.

  18. I would have to count in books read!

  19. lovely thoughts, like the originality and fhina's comments are sublime...of course

  20. I've had numerous Boomerang emails telling me three or four days have elapsed, without being able to get my replies to the required people. Are there many of you experiencing system problems? I get told DNS servers are not working, but that is total jargon to me...looks like I'm not the one with the problem though? But then I am away with the fairies as much as Woman Of No Importance, too busy blowing dandelions to care...

  21. No1Son Q sent me this in the mail, and I though it needed adding here :-
    Mails stuck in a Q eh? I'll have to see my GP about that one (Ouch!) :-)
    Not sure what would cause that, I suspect is a queue on a BT server somewhere over which you have no control. If it gets busy, it'll queue -
    simple as. I think they generate the messages cos the great British public of today don't seem to know how to queue patiently, maybe a few
    years of ration books might educate them on this matter! :-)

  22. Here in the office we count in 'well known software giant' minutes which explains why it takes so very long to get anything done around here! :)

  23. Hmmmm....... I would count in blog visits!

  24. Don't like countdowns [now that Carole Vorderman has gone?] -no, THOSE countdowns...ah...those, no don't like those, and when you are as old as me you won't like 'em either.

  25. Moannie - could you not have a 'count up'instead? Treasures in the cupboard, wonderful memories etc, etc - so much more uplifting than countdowns, but still in need of some kind of counting system! x

  26. I see what you mean about hair cuts! I don't go on holiday often but I would be inclined to just count in weeks or days, I'm very boring!!

    CJ xx

  27. I don't think that I have the imagination to count in anything other than the number of days!


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