Monday, 18 January 2010

And the title is...

It has to be 'The Uninvited' as suggested by this very clever lady, who sees much through her windows, and opens doors to some unexpected places.

It's Monday, so here's a quick rhyme.
THANK YOU, all who dropped by at some time
with a name for my pome (!)
while I languished at home
and rested my brain, by design!


  1. Good title. Thanks for leaving your comments on my post.Debs x

  2. Well chosen. Hope you and your brain enjoyed the rest ;-)

  3. Sorry to have missed the naming game. Now that the snow is melting, are you still enjoying the Wellies?

  4. a good brain rest is always appreciated...smiles.

  5. The woman in a window is an incredible talent. I am not surprised she had the winner!


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