Monday, 11 January 2010

Now It's Your Turn complete the following ditty. You may find it easier than you think, especially those amongst you who say you don't 'do' poetry.

It's hard to type with gloves on.
I never thought before;
but now I'm learning daily,
since my heat has gone.
I sit here bundled like a loon
thank goodness Tuesday
will come soon!
The Gas Man's booked
'twixt eight and six;
not sure when he'll come.
Hopefully an easy fix
will warm my chilly .......?

Answers on a postcard will only be considered if accompanied by an adult, as rude answers are expected to arise. 


  1. I've got it!!! 'Euphonium'! Is there a prize!

  2. "rum" that's it isn' it jinksy?!!! ha!! stay warm. steven

  3. I know...I ending misspelled "Chilly"...
    It should be "Chili"...and you and the gas man will have a nice warm meal!!!

  4. Hello Jnksy,

    How about 'home' for a visual rhyme or 'bum' if you want to be saucy??!! Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't stay chilly much longer.

  5. All thick as bricks...the answer is 'bits'

  6. weetabix? Pick and mix? I think I will avoid rude ones although I suppose either of the above could be euphemisms! Hope the gas man came and you are now boiling hot and steaming.

  7. You done good again, Jinsky! How about a half-rhyme? "Warm my chilly room" The obvious rhyme . . surely the gas-man could get himself arrested!

    BTW . . your pic now appears correctly amongst my faithful followers. You do computer magic as well as poetry.

  8. P.S. Hoping that by the time you read this the gas-man will have fixed the fault. Not a lot of fun enduring this weather AND typing with gloves on.

    (Oh look at that. I transposed your nickname again in t'other post . . . sorreeeee!)

  9. Strum. It's a guitar player.

  10. 'tum'! I hope that you have got some hot food to keep you warm.

  11. Tum tiddley um tum tum bum.

    As any fule do kno.

  12. Gum. It's almost impossible to chew cold gum.

  13. "bum". Oh I do hope he arrives early in the morning so you won't be chilled another moment longer........:-) Hugs

  14. Hopefully an easy fix
    will warm my chilly assterisk.

    Yes, I'm being difficult. ;)

  15. Well I'm not too creative but I came up with the common one already listed RUM, because a hot toddy might be just what you need right now.

  16. Rum or bum sounds ok to me. Hope by now it's all fixed and you're toasty and warm without boots, gloves and hat.


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