Friday, 22 January 2010

Weaver's Challenge

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's a challenge. Therefore yesterday, when this wonderful lady took time off from writing one of her delightful posts, she came to throw down the gauntlet on one of mine. Having realised that any oddball word would start my grey cells in motion, what did she caste before me but 'Nutcrackers!' As soon as I read her comment, I immediately had visions of myself as a nut...NO! Not the nutty woman sort, though I know, that you know, that I know I am one of those to the very; I immediately became imprisoned in a nutshell, from which dark place I let the following lines hammer their way to air.

In A Nutshell

I know I'm a nut,
in need of a cracker.
I sit in my shell
while the day just gets blacker.

Alone and unchewed -
how long must I wallow
before someone cracks me
and eats with one swallow

my nutty gold kernel?
I'm wasted, in here.
Please, crack me soon
and eat me, my dear!

Now you all have the opportunity of telling me which KIND of nut you think I your ideas of how to crack me, perhaps...Can't wait to read your answers!

P.S. I did hope for one moment, it being the day Flash 55 goes the rounds of Blogland, that this piece of idiocy may have contained the required word count, but for the sake of rhyme and whatever little reason it possesses, I can't get below 58. Tant pis. After editing this I did a recount, and by George! I think I've got it - I make it 55 after all!!! Howzat?!!!


  1. You are a Brazil nut.Time to samba your way out of your shell.Give it a go!

  2. EXCELLENT!!!!

    My 55 is HERE, scroll below my show n tell stuff.

    Happy Friday.

  3. Hello Jinksy,

    Much as I hate to be a party pooper, I count 56 but I won't tell If you won't! As for the nut, I'd stick to the Brazilian theme but go for cashew; it's shaped like a boxing glove, so you could box your way out!

  4. a cashew! oh bless me!! a fun little poem jinksy. steven

  5. Derrick - I've done another edit! 55 it is? LOL :)

  6. fun 55, though filled with longing to be satisfied in being able to satisfy. i like it.

    my 55 is up!

  7. delicious!!!!! glad you made it in 55!

  8. You crack me up, you crazy nut.

  9. I think you are the best peanut in a box of're not in a shell, it's just a box, waiting to be opened by all of us hungry devouring fans!

  10. Being from South Georgia (USA) you know I'd have to say pecan...Pee' kăn or pƏ kän'
    according to where in South Georgia you live!
    I'm so proud of your 55 jinksy! You are rockin' with the poetry, girl!

  11. Well - thank you dear Jinksy for taking up my challenge! I think you are The Sugar Plum Fairy herself. Brilliant stuff.

  12. Nice poem Jinksy. Thank heavens for nuts!

  13. You're a hazel nut? I dunno but where's me cracker? heh, matter as it looks like your shell is off and you're back in fine style lass ;) Well done...

  14. Hallo Hazel, how you doing? The squirrel got to you yet?

  15. You're a playful peanut - dry roasted!

    loved your 55 - but then again, I always love what you pen.

  16. Jinksy...
    Very few contributors angst over word count.
    I only count 1/2 the time anyway!
    Excellent 55 (finally) My Dear..
    My Perky little Pecan!
    Thanks for playing, (Please play again) and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  17. Oh this was a fun post jinsky, I'm gonna guess a "walnut"......:-) Hugs

  18. I love this poem! I think you are a pistachio.

  19. I'll tell you what I thinksy, Jinksy. Walnut . . peanut . . whatever. I think you are the sweetest nut in the bowl.


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