Saturday, 2 January 2010

Party Season Passes

And all over Blogland are happy pics of party goers, or tales of terrific gatherings. Don't get me wrong - I'm not knocking any of that. But having told Janine I'd be ramming another spoon of already-posted poetic medicine down her delicate throat, I thought today would be a good time to do just that.

I've actually popped this poem in with my comments on one or two blogs, when it's seemed appropriate to do so, but readership must have been relatively limited, so for those amongst you who have never had the temerity or desire to exhume any of my previous ramblings, nor spotted these words elsewhere, here's the reprise. Definite apologies to Friko, for I'm certain I've regaled her with this before; but for the rest of you, open wide for your daily dose from Nurse Jinksy. Who was it who said laughter is the best medicine? Even tongue in cheek...

A Hostess' Farewell

Did you enjoy the party?
We hoped it would go with a swing,
but next time
we'll make sure the neighbours are out
before we let everyone sing...

Did you enjoy the party?
I'm sorry it got out of hand,
but possibly,
once all the noise has died down
the majority will understand?

Did you enjoy the party-
the food and the drink and the fun?
You must have,
because you're the last one to leave...
I'm so glad you decided to come!

PS For a truly hearwarming winter photo pop over here. It was so beautiful, I've had to write a haiku on the spot.

Winter fire warms.
Dancing flames' molten red gold
gilds burning logs.


  1. I like this one, I do. And can think of a few it would apply to, over the years, heh, heh...and we never cared to much about the neighbours...

  2. It's good sometimes not to have any close neighbors...although we celebrated quietly.
    Have a good year Jinksy!

  3. Your poem made me smile, Jinksy - as you so often do. I popped over and had a look at that fire - you could almost warm your hands on it. Here's to another year of blogging - I so enjoy your sense of humour. Best wishes.

  4. I saw them walking home at three in the morning.It is 10 below and they had high heels ,shortest of short skirts .Ice on the road.I say no more!

  5. Hahaha - We're usually the ones tut-tutting at the noisy neighbours saying lengthy goodbyes even though they only live 20 strides across the road.
    The snow certainly made for a quieter New Years Eve that's for sure!

  6. Party on, Jinksy! (Haha, I made a typo on your name and called you Junksy.)

  7. HA HA. My now departed across-the-street neighbors had plenty of these kinds of parties during their tenure renting.

    Actually they were relatively tame considering the amount of booze hauled in.

  8. Happy second day of the new year, Jinksy. Thank you for the lovely haiku, and for the link to my blog. I took my sneezy self early to bed on New Year's Eve, but the neighbors across the way definitely were up to see the new year in with a bang. At precisely midnight, they set off a chain of some mighty loud firecrackers,I assume (but they sounded like cannon shot), which startled the cats so much that they trampled across my supine body with enough force to wake me. I guess I was conscious when the new year came in. :)

  9. I love it! You are very talented!

  10. Still smiling Jinksky, I have been at many of these parties over the years that this poem refers off to check what your lovely haiku is about......:-) Hugs

  11. Yes, yes and YES.

    The third verse dredged up the memory of the slope-shouldered waiter removing the chair from under me when I lifted my butt to reach for another beer at an all-nighter in Bugis (Boogie) Street, Singapore!

    Bugis Street was famous for its 'catamites' (transvestites). It was generally accepted that one could easily tell who was a real female and who was not - the transvestites were drop-dead gorgeous, while the rest were real women!

  12. I always admire a wordsmith. :) And thanks for the haiku you left on my blog. It was an unexpected treat.

  13. Oh, AF Jinks!!!!! You've DONE IT AGAIN!!!!! Hands down...a real winner!!!! Your repetition is delightful...sets such a merry tone for the entire poem...and your final verse sets at rest whatever "anxiety" I may have felt with you over the happiness of your reveling guests...

    And what a wonderful surprise to see myself named by your illustrious self in the opening of this post!!! You are simply wonderful to honor me with your humor here...Thank you!!

    And finally, I cannot leave without saying that Fletch has left me in stitches as well...what a stand-up routine the two of you make!!! I feel I have joined a fabulous party here today. And as always, Jinks, you are the most entertaining, gracious and accomplished hostess! Happy New Year, dear friend!!! ~Janine XO

  14. P.S. Also, loved the way you artfully used italics to punctuate the rhythm of this piece!! ~J.

  15. jinksy...I had just left that blog...(fire) and came to yours to click "here"...clicked...and was transported back to Pat! How's that for a coincidence.
    Love your poetry. Love the haiku, too! (see, I just made a li'l rhyme..and that's the best I can do!)
    Hugs to you, jinksy,

  16. Hope you had a lovely time with your family during the holidays. From Christmas Eve until yesterday it seems it was busy, busy, busy. Company has all gone home, today I finally had a day I didn't have to do anything other then feed the outside birds, husband, daughter and granddaughter. I warmed up all kind of left overs and after the meal was done, what ever was left over got pitched.

    Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours.

  17. Lovely! Very evocative of our own party this year. We even had a 'dark man bringing in the coal' !

  18. Lovely as usual...and while I'm here I want to say a very Happy New Year to you and yours. i remember you were one of the first people to comment on my blog with lots of encouraging words. I have not forgotten :0)

  19. Great poem, hehe. If you read my latest post and the comments, you will see how many party-lovers there actually are in blogworld. Or at least among my stalkers ;-)
    Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy new year, dear Jinksy. You always manage to make me smile or warm my heart. Big kiss to you!

  20. I can quite see that that is a poem to pop in in many a place. It's the sort of poem that gets itself anthologised a lot. Here's hoping for you!

  21. :) Perfect for the mood after the recently concluded parties.
    I wish you and your loved ones a Great Year ahead, Jinksy.

  22. Excellent poem! I'm so glad we don't have neighbours, at least within a couple of miles anyway.

    Best wishes, CJ xx

  23. How nice to find you following my poetry blog. I like your humourous, slightly sardonic "party" piece, with those deliberately shifted stresses in the first lines of the stanzas. A very pleasing read.

  24. Feel free, Jinksy, feel free; I can never get bored reading your poems and re-reading it here makes it no less funny.

    Your blog is one of the reasons I continue blogging, I have discovered.

  25. jinksy you can do no wrong! keep posting the poems or whatever else you care to share - it's all good!!! steven

  26. Now that was a GOOD poem! I love the way it rhymed, and I loved the rhythm of it too - and it reminded me a little bit of A A Milne with the changing emphasis!

    I posted a picture of my fire a while back. There's something very comforting about them, isn't there?

  27. Lovely evocative poem, Jinksy. No partying for us this year - but lots of fun just the two of us getting used to our newly expanded home.

  28. Hello Jinksy and Happy New Year to you!

    Fun poem and warming haiku; I looked at the photo too. I look forward to more of your humour and wordsmithery in 2010.

  29. Jinksy:

    Since the subject - and the moment - are appropriate, I will regale you with my very first poem. This was written when I was 6, I believe. My mother saved it, framed it, and gave it to me as a present on one of my more recent birthdays; that's why I can recall it so clearly!

    THE PARTY by James Shawn Sullivan

    The party was very nice
    But I put it on ice
    I ate ice cream galore
    And threw up on the floor
    I won't be going to that party no more!

    This is why I am not a poet today. Once you've written your masterpiece at age 6, where else is there to go but down?


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