Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Sobering Sunday Soliloquy

A Sorry Tale

I'm feeling like old Mother Hubbard
the longer the snow is in place;
I keep peering into my cupboard,
a pensive look stuck on my face.

How long will I manage to feed me
and keep the old wolf from the door?
No delivery vans have come lately,
replenishing stuff like before.

The roads all resemble an ice-rink;
night temperatures were all to blame.
They plummeted steadily during the week.
We've all had enough of this game!

So seldom do we see a snowstorm
that covers the whole of the land,
for us, it is certainly far from the norm,
but can't be dismissed out of hand.

We're told future years will repeat it,
as the climate see-saws in between
the summertime highs and wintery lows,
which scientist's minds had foreseen.

They say it's excess Global Warming
we've all heard so much about,
and the longer we ignore their warning,
then the more our poor world will lose out.


  1. This is SO good Jinksy, it ought to be published, I am sure the G/W brigade would use it.

    Love Granny

  2. jinksy - it's good to see your spirits are well in hand even if your larder isn't! i wonder when the uk will get its head around the idea of winter and become better prepared for it? in many countries in the world it's a fact of life and the world doesn't grind to a halt. people's lives aren't put at risk. i hope that the government puts some money into the necessary infrastructure to manage winters like the one you're experiencing if only to alleviate the uneccessary suffering!!! steven

  3. I agree with Granny should have a publisher...I love A Sorry Tale!

  4. Nice poem Jinksy. Very Pam Ayres. You really should consider publishing a collection.

  5. This is wonderful!
    I hope that it warms up soon and things begin to thaw. Take care of you, jinksy...please.
    Smiles from Jackie

  6. You did make us laugh Jinksy with your signing off as "bored witless"! Reading this lovely humourous poem I can't believe it is true - keep smiling. Love

  7. Yes this is a great take on our current weather, even where I live. This a.m. if 5 deg F. which is minus fifteen degrees C [-15 deg. C]

    We finally have running water again as of 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Believe me have every faucet dripping steadily 24/7, to hopefully advert another episode of frozen pipes.

    There is supposed to be a gradually warming into the 40F this week.

  8. Very nicely worded poem, it makes one wonder doesn't it. The country hasn't coped very well so I only hope the situation doesn't get any worse next year.

    CJ xx

  9. Oh my! Oh dear! Time to pull out those funny recipes of open this, mix that, bake and enjoy. I've experienced a few of these shut-in episodes. Sobering indeed.

    You ditty was fun, illuminating, curiously warm too because of the rhyme, old-fashioned sing song feel, grandmotherly kind and gentle. Ah, call the radio stations and recite it for all to appreciate.

    Do hope you all thaw out soon.

  10. Yes, it is a bit sobering, but it's also quite possible that it will be decades before the next winter like this. Keep bearing up.

  11. I like this one I do! Bit of cabin fever have you, wot? And anyone that spouts about "global warming", never spent time in a cold clime!

  12. Do you remember 1947? (My apologies, if you don't!) That was just as bad. Or 1963? I wasn't in England then, but my husband tells me the snow stayed around till April!!!! Sorry!

  13. Fantastic do have a gift my friend, hope you get some sunshine soon and be careful on that ice......:-) Hugs

  14. Great poem, Jinksy. Written with feeling.
    Surely we will have the great thaw soon?????!

    Nuts in May

  15. I feel for you folks. You're not used to Canadian weather. After more than half a century, I'm still not used to our Canadian weather. I hope you'll keep warm and thaw out soon.

  16. Brrr, I know it is cold there. We had a bazaar winter like yours last year.


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