Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Today, at the top of my reading list, I found waiting a Blogger who has made my day! 'Lets have 24 hours of not making sense!' Apparently, this was dreamed up by another. Goodness knows how I managed to miss such a delight a year ago, as the thought of deliberately writing nonsense is very appealing - I do it often, unintentionally! . However, I will need to let the stew pot of my mind simmer a little, to see whether it can bubble up something suitable...If the pan doesn't boil dry, I may be back later with an offering...
How about concocting your own recipe in the meantime?
Have now decided it's harder than you think to write rubbish to order, but this will have to do:-

Cobbled Codswallop

A pink python purred,
swam through lemon curd
then pranced on the end of his tail;
but nothing deterred,
though he looked quite absurd,
he covered his head with a pail.

'Look at me, look at me!'
he then shouted with glee
'Aren't I just like a new kind of snail?
Why, don't you agree,
(and he hopped like a flea)
'as a secret disguise it can't fail?'

Hopefully, next time I shall return with a more sane approach to the world in general - but maybe not. Today has been totally daft so far. First I had a call from the surgery to cancel an appointment because my Doctor's not well! This so flabbergasted me, I didn't remember to cancel the taxi I'd booked, so have just answered my door with a totally blank look on my face, as a gentleman stood there, saying 'Taxi?' Oo er, no sense there then, on my part...


  1. jinksy you are so clever - so creative - so funny!!! a book with the the right illustrations for this poem could be/should be in the hands of delighted youngsters across the western hemisphere! go girl!! steven

  2. Hello Jinksy,

    I'm with Steven; You could give Edith Sitwell a run for her money!

  3. I have a confession to make; when I first saw the name of your site, without the benefit of my specs, I thought it said 'Nipple Notes' and was surprised to see such a nice looking woman smiling at me. Now, having seen the error of my ways, I thought I should present my nonsense rhyme.

    "When I was in the jungle and the light was growing dim
    I came across a fat old man whose name was Pokey Jim.
    He rode upon an elephant whose trunk moved like a snake,
    He fed it castor oil and that was his mistake.
    He gave it lots of custard and followed that with beans
    then a dustbin full of cabbage mixed with pickled greens.
    He gave it lots of vegetables and finally some treacle
    to which the beast blew a note of which there was no equal.
    It blew a note, a dark sound, a dull and low rumble
    that fled his bum and with a run resounded through the jungle.
    It echoed on and lasted long and blew leaves from the trees
    that made the monkeys bow their heads and cover up their ears.
    then Jim feeling proud as punch set match to his cigars...
    Jim is now a satellite orbiting near Mars.

  4. I think I love non-sense as much or more than common sense. However, I also like the ALCHEMIST in the previous post, which I somehow had missed. Since alchemists were the 1st pharmacists/druggists,apothecaries, or which I have been a member, it appealed to me.

  5. Oh shucks, I do no-nonsense pretty often. That is what helps me blog, no stress, just pound on the keys and post. I admire your ability to write Cobbled Codswallop at the drop of a hat, or flea.

  6. Ha ha! I love this. Clever snake.

  7. Heh, heh...what fun! I'll have to mention this to Tom

    And Mum has out-lived many of her doctors ;'tis true!

  8. Wonderful poem! It made me laugh.

  9. Great poem. Still laughing about the doctor.

  10. I appreciate your effort to increase my vocabulary with each stop here--I had to look-up "codswallop" and now am armed to use it.

  11. Hmmmm....I tend to write nonsense all the time. :) Another fab poem and I to had no idea what codswallop was.

  12. a pink python doctor is not well, what thoughts that brings up in me i have stayed up for two nights in a row watching courageous tennis and my brain takes your words and tiredly makes mists of mauve mongooses out of them

  13. c.j duffy....i need some more sleep in order to follow you, but what delightful nonsense, i had no idea there was so much talent all over jinksy's place

  14. also napple nipple, oh my i must stop this right now>>><<<>>.......burma shave

  15. makes a lot of no=sense, that does. Could quite get used to it.
    How about a bit of 'miscellany' blogging? feel like joining?

    I shall put a line or two on my blog about it.

  16. LOL! "Have now decided it's harder than you think to write rubbish to order." That's for sure, but this is great! It totally reminds me of my little daughters. They love to put buckets on their heads, and the littlest one still thinks if she can't see us, we can't see her.

    C.J. Duffy's was quite the bonus as well! Well-done fart jokes are hard to come by.

    Happy Rabbit Hole day!

  17. that's a great poem. a perfect nonsense circus of delight.

  18. You have such a well of creative mischief to tap into, young, fresh and full of fizz! Jinksy, you really MUST collect some of this together for publication, it would simply fly off the seller's shelves.

  19. Dr. Seuss anyone?......your terrific....Hugs

  20. Pythons certainly have an advantage over humans in the swiimming through lemon curd stakes — not only are they more streamlined, but they don't pause to lick.

  21. Where do doctors go when they get sick?

  22. Hi

    Pink pythons are always such pretty things..!

    A suitably daft day for Rabbit Hole day methinks.


    Take care

  23. Haha, great poem. Very much in the theme of Carrol. Well done!

  24. What a great poem. I love that pink python.

    I also love the way you talk about the doctor and the taxi. You've got a great voice.

  25. I'm doing a standing ovation for both you and C.J. Duffy ;-)

  26. Brilliant, I loved this. surreal and fun. more!


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