Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Waiting For The Gas Man

Getting up a 7am in order to be with it enough to welcome the (possibly) expected engineer, was not the best start to another icy day. Needless to say, he did not appear at the earliest time of 8am, and indeed, I await him still.

As I explained to some of my concerned followers yesterday, by dint of schmoosing a local taxi firm, I have been fairly toasty, after all. First, I made sure my local Curry's store had a convector heater for a reasonable price, and after only a modicum of friendly persuasion - or do I mean coercion? - a wonderful taxi driver bought one and delivered it to my door within about fifteen minutes, for just a nominal charge. If that's not service, I don't know what is! Thank goodness, I had some money in my purse, for these days I normally use a debit card all the time. Anyhow the rest of the day was far cosier than the evening before, and I could even shed the poncho, hat and gloves before too long.

Just as my lunch time soup was ready, a large van drew up outside my door. Mr BritGas? No.
But something possibly even more welcome - a parcel containing a pair of Wellington boots.You think that's not exciting? Well, it is, when it means it's a key to my door - from the inside, to out! As though losing the heat on Sunday wasn't enough, the trip switch in my meter cupboard, tripped, which meant I had no lights in the hall or kitchen when it got dark. With no shoes capable of braving the outdoor conditions, my wonderful neighbour it was, who waded through the snow in his wellies, to flip the switch for me. Now if that had happened today, I could have put my new boots on and done it myself. Sod's law in action.

Ode To My Wellie Boots

Oh, Wellie Boots, oh, Wellie Boots
with lovely, rubber smell!
They've been delivered to me -
and they fit, as well!
For many years my wardrobe
has lacked a pair of these -
my feet could not get round the bend,
not even with a squeeze,
into the cheaper models
on offer in a store -
you, know, psychedelic coloured ones
not like any seen before?
But a lovely pair of Hunter's
I found displayed on line,
which,ordered for a princely sum,
I can at last call mine!
They're plain and black and boring,
just like Wellies used to be,
but none the less, I'm certain,
they'll be like gold to me!

Hoorah! Mr BritGas has just 'phoned and told me he'll be here in about 15 minutes... Just as well I've finished this post.


  1. Life over there is just too exciting! ;)

  2. Hope by now the job is done, and you are back in the warmth!
    Love Granny
    ps. I am envious of your wellies!

  3. I hope you weren't trying to do that flamenco dancing with those wellies on!

  4. Hmmm you are suffering a bit more than's normal Jinksy. My heart goes out to you. When the snow started here, I went to the shed to get my wellie boots, but found that they didn't fit me anymore!! Isn't that odd. I swear I'm a size 7 but they just don't fit. I wonder if it was because it was so cold, the boots had got so stiff I couldn't get them on. However, I need to get some more soon if I can find any....!
    Blessings and hoping you get sorted soon.
    Hooray for taxi drivers!

  5. You and the Wellies are poised for adventures now. Careful, though. Snow and ice can trick anyone.

  6. Hello Jinksy,

    Strange how status attaches itself to even the most utilitarian of objects eh? Once upon a time you could have any colour wellie you wanted so long as it was black; nowadays the rainbow doesn't have enough colours to compete and black is de rigeur. Enjoy sploshing around in them when you venture out of your, hopefully, warm and toasty abode.

  7. yay the gas man has arrived......hope he fixed everything so that you are toasty warm. What a day this is, new boots as well, oh you must be doing a happy dance.......:-) Hugs

  8. Glad to hear you are on the road of recovery, Jinksy. A pair of Wellies would suit me fine also - I could then get out to the car for my cane. The cold turns me stiff and oh, no, more snow coming down.

    Already I am foundered with winter.

  9. By the time you read this, Jinksy, you should be snug and warm, poncho and thick socks thrown aside - take care in this awful weather.

  10. Perfect timing!

    A Toast to Wellies!

  11. I often like things better the way they used to be :0! Enjoy your posh treat to yourself!

  12. 'Hunters' in black? So pedestrian!

  13. Hope you are warm and dry Jinksy...The sun is bright here in Ohio and it's starting to warm up a bit. Loved your poem, read it with a smile...I bought new boots just before this major snow storm!

  14. jinksy you're living inside a movie - really you are!!! steven

  15. My little short fat legs never fared will with any kind of boots, except Wellingtons. OH how I loved them! Kept them spit polished; you could see your image in the shine.

    As I grew older they were not forgiving of changes in the feet, so another happy owner accepted them as a gift.

  16. I saw on the news that some parts of Britian are getting hit real hard with snow this year. Well, I can sympahtize with you as we lost our heat and all last year during a cold spell and it is not easy. I have never heard of Wellington boots but I hope they help you. I hope you can stay comfy and warm now.

  17. you sure know how to organise...

  18. I got overly excited about my pointed hiking stick coming. So I can imagine how rubber wellies could send you delirious too.It is all to do with what you need.....!

    Hope you are snuggled up with your full central heating on.

    How did our mother's manage with just a coal fire, no double glazing, no duvets and no washing machines? I suppose only the healthy lived!

    Nuts in May

  19. I hope that the gas man was able to fix the boiler. I am not sure what it is about wellingtons. I had to get mine from the Internet. The local garden centres had every colour and size but the plain green that I wanted.

  20. Aaaaarrrggghhh! Nothing so frustrating as waiting for a repairman or service person to come round. However, since he didn't show up at the earliest time, we got a post about it from you, so I suppose we owe him some small bit of thanks :-)

  21. Wellies? Why do you never see just ONE - a left-welly, or a right-welly, it doesn't really matter - in the welly-shop with a notice on it saying "Buy One, Get One Free." Some welly-shop managers have no imagination.
    Customers would not be restricted to two the same colour, though choosing the second one a different size . . that could be considered odd.
    Glad yo' toasting again, Jinksy!

  22. The Gas man cometh...
    question is...
    Is he wearing wellies?

  23. I have wellies envy!

    Kate x

  24. Sod's Law indeed! But at least you'll be warm and dry (for next time) with your lovely convector heater and wellie boots!

    After hearing that my hopefully-soon-to-be-daughter-in-law had fallen several times on the ice, I ordered her a pair of ice grippers for her shoes. Naturally, by the time they arrive, all ice in Sheffield will have melted. Oh well. She'll have them for next winter, eh? ;)


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