Thursday, 28 January 2010

Medicinal Compound

As yesterday's bit of non-sense seems to have caused a chuckle in more places than one, I feel obligated to continue in mirthful mood for a little longer. Many of you were taken with the idea of an ailing doctor. The concept is a trifle unnerving, to say the least. Therefore this morning I've been trying to see possibility in telling one such doctor's story. No offence intended to any of the medical profession who should happen upon the result.

A Bitter Pill

Doctor B rose one morning
as daylight was dawning
and picked up his doctoring bag.
His front door was a jar* n.b this is not a typo -I mean A Jar- as per Jam Pot!
so he climbed in his car
and drove off while waving a flag.

His receptionist stared
she was quite unprepared
for the horrible vision she saw.
She knew in a trice
that he needed advice
as soon as he lurched through the door.

'Your nose drips are glowing
your pimples are growing
how dare you pretend to be well!
Dandruff is flaking
I see your knees shaking
Go home! You are ill, I can tell'.

Doc looked all forlorn
his face flushed and warm,
his backache was giving him grief.
He hurried back home,
gave a shuddering groan
and swallowed two pills for relief.

At this point I either ran out of steam, or my quill pen blotted my copy book beyond recognition, for I couldn't for the life of me find a suitable way to wrap up the sorry tale in fitting jinksy style. At present, it is a little lame, and in need of a word doctor of its own. Please, I need your help and advice on how to finish with a bang - maybe not literally - but a little eclat with a final verse would be good. I await your inspirational ideas, preferably sooner than later...


  1. sometimes it is easier to heal others than ourselves...

  2. It stands on its own, I think. I loved it. But you know I'm no poet; though learning to appreciate.

  3. By Jove, I've got it! I think...I'll email it to you, jinksy ;) I like this one, I do. Kinda reads like a limerick but with that extra line. It nearly works :)

  4. Hello Jinksy,

    I've been trying to compose but I'm not up to two poems in a day! I shall look forward to the eclat of others.

  5. I so love the description the receptionist gives of the doctor.

    He climbed back into bed
    Pulled the blankets over his head
    With a big sigh he fell asleep
    His dreams were making him laugh
    In them he was riding a giraffe
    And fell off into mud so deep.
    The bell on the phone
    The doctor began to weep.

  6. We cannot help smile, to hear the tables turned!

  7. Technobabe- I think the giraffe did it for me!
    I believe it inspired me to arrive at a suitable zany conclusion - TA!

  8. With the doc home in bed
    His nurse filled with dread
    She had no time to make cancellations
    Though it's rather contrived
    His patients arrived
    And took in the news with frustration

    She recalled what she said
    When she sent Doc home to bed
    And considered her newfound position
    The doctor was out
    But the nurse is about
    And it seems she's a fine diagnostician

  9. He flopped out on the bed
    an ice pack on his head,
    his feet keeping warm on a hottie.
    If he gets any worse
    I shall send for the nurse
    to give hima jab in his bottie.

    (sorry about that but you did say silly!)

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  11. (slight revision)

    He put on pajamas,
    Light blue ones with llamas
    And tigers and lions adorning,
    Then he crawled into bed
    Where he slept like one dead,
    And called himself in the morning.

  12. He put on pyjamas,
    light blue ones with llamas
    and tigers and lions adorning

    Oh, yes, RWP! LOL :)

  13. Weaver - you've missed your vocation!

  14. How Fun! Rhymes and laughs all around.

  15. I had as much reading your comments jinsky as I did your are getting very good at this my friend......:-) Hugs

  16. id\f bob can have a go at it so can i...................doc headed back to work................the $ he makes, not want to shirk...............worse and worse and then real sick...........stopped at last at the pub.................wants to impress his club................he dropped dead at the quick

  17. Oh my word are you all good!! I loved the poem. Your style is always so sweet and cute all at the same time!! Thanks for a good chuckle:)

  18. I'm tired of this life
    full of grey boring strife
    Time for some fun
    a holiday in the sun
    A long trip to Spain
    with Jinksy that Minxy
    should alleviate pain
    I'll bring my guitar
    and make Jinsky a star
    She will become famous
    I will remain nameless

  19. I think it is perfect as it....but I'm telling you I would not want to be seen by that doctor. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  20. This day can’t get worse
    He said with a curse
    But he knew not that there was no Mrs.
    “Oh! Honey, I’m home!”
    But she’d gone to Rome
    With the pool boy and all of Doc’s riches.

  21. I'm surprised doctors don't get sick more often than what they do. Happy week-end.

  22. But when he looked down
    He saw with a frown
    The pills he had taken were blue
    "Viagra!", he swore,
    And kicked at the floor
    "Bother! Something else I need do!"

  23. haha!

    How about ...

    But no sooner was Doc
    Fast asleep like a rock
    Than the 'ceptionist phoned all a-jitter
    'Come back, come back quick!
    I am feeling so sick,
    And I need you to come make me better!'

    Best I can offer today, but at least I tried! LOL!

  24. very nice poem, high in imagery with a great flow..:)

  25. Actually I like Suldog's but i would being a pharmacist.....

  26. *giggles*

    Wasn't this the moment
    when in came the nurse
    with the crocodile purse? ;-)

  27. I loved Suldog's and Rhymeswithplagues's 'and called himself in the morning'. Brilliant!


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