Monday, 5 January 2009


For sceptics amongst you, how about this to make you wonder about the subject, or look at it in a new light? After putting yesterday's 'kids' poem on record, I thought I'd see what astrological energies were around, that helped tempt me to proffer that poem on that day. I have no idea why the position of the planets other than ours should have any effect on us at all, but the more years I've studied the subject, the more I've discovered there is a correlation between the heavens and us mortals.
The sign coming up over the horizon, as I opened up my astrology program a little after 2pm local time, was Gemini. This sign imparts youthful curiosity and a desire to be stimulated, both mentally and socially, and mental development is alpha and omega; meeetings, discussions, books and learning are the stuff of life.
No wonder then, that 'Me , Myself And I' chose that moment to surface from my memory, and lay itself open to discussion in a Blogland.
I don't think for a moment that we are puppets at the mercy of the spheres, but I do believe that subtle energies, maybe of a kind scientists have yet to discover, abound in our universe, and we have a choice as to how we utilise them. This is not unlike the power of prayer, or of healing, as both are well documented as two of the 'XFactors' of life itself, which no scientist can explain.

By the way, this morning's Rising Sign is Pisces - best known for its adaptability. It's the one sign that can be 'all things to all men' - though don't let's get into a gender specific discussion here, folks - but you can probably get my drift. Us fish have the ability to stand in anybody's shoes, despite our fins and tails that let us flounder around in the watery ponds so dear to our emotional hearts.

And now, because it's back to work Monday for some, here with a flick of my fins, is a total switch of direction in the stream of life. I'm very glad that retirement saves me from further commuting experiences...

Monday Morning, Act 1, Scene 1

Another Monday morning,
people yawning on the train.
The weekend's hectic jollity
has left its mark again.

Schoolboys sit without a word,
an unaccustomed state,
for usually they joke and shout
and talk at double rate.

Their sometimes grubby faces
have an early morning shine,
but their present air of order
will be gone by dinner time.

Some men are reading papers
Time, Telegraph or Sun,
flapping crackling pages
as they turn them one by one.

The serious read on slowly
but attention sometimes wains
as the tabloid readers focus
on the pin-ups once again.

One owner of a pretty nose
has a distracted air,
as constantly, whilst reading,
she pushes back her hair.

Her book is held close to her face,
her long hair flops and falls,
her secret profile comes and goes
in repeated curtain calls.


  1. I very much like your Monday Morning poem, Jinsky, especially the last verse. What a wonderful word picture! It recalls to mind several young, and not-so-young, women with long hair with whom I've been acquainted over the years.

  2. Gorgeous poem there Jinsky!

    Astrology is something that interests me deeply but I've never quite been able to grasp it. Some quiet afternoon I think I'll start delving into that world.


  3. Well, you have plenty of time, Meagan - I was well into my thirties -or was it forties?!- before I found a class to join. It answers so many of those seemingly imponderable questions - like, why am I the way I am? Here's a mini lesson - on a birth chart, most people have an equal number of positive and negative energies. The positive are the outgoing, 'doing'part of us, and the negative, the absorbing, taking to heart and being aware of everyone else. If I tell you I had 9 of those, and only 1 positive, you will see how my feeling of not existing except as an extension of somebody else, drove me to seeking answers... and bless, likewise!

  4. Well crafted, truly.
    I'm a little outside of the return to work but my children did return to school today. I'll trade you some homemade rolls for a little of that Geminin influence again. Pisces is doing nothing for me. (Sorry Pisces.)

  5. I loved reading your poems. Very nice! You have quite a talent.

  6. Dear Woman in a Window - you may be glad to know, every single day the rising sign changes through all twelve Zodiac signs, and at this precise moment, the rising sign is Leo, so you should have a lot more get up and go! Feel better?
    Love'n'hugs, anyway.

  7. After reading this I went thought to check your sign. We are side by side. I'm Aquarius and my sister is Pisces. While I've never had much success seeing a connection with what happens in my life and my daily prediction I like the idea and find lots of reason to continue to know something about the subject of astrology. Interestingly, through a friend, I discovered that the 12 year Chinese astrology cycle also goes through the 4 elements (covering 48 years)and I'm a water dragon which to my mind seemed a good connection with my being a water bearer.


  8. Thx 4 ur visit to my blog and precious comments

  9. Well, Lee, here's some more astrology tips. The daily forecasts that appear in the paper, take their readings from only the slow moving planets, so they apply to the wider audience, not the specific individual. Although you are Aquarius Sun Sign, your RISING sign will colour your whole personality as much, or more. This depends on the exact time , place and date you were born. I'm actually a Pisces with Virgo Rising, and in Chinese astrology, a metal snake, if you're interested in comparisons.

  10. Guess I need to ask Mom again what time I was born. I know the date and place. Seems I misspoke when I said 4 twelve year cycles for the Chinese cycles. I was thinking Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Hadn't imagined there being such elements as metal in their calculations. Guess I should go researching that bit some more.

  11. Chinese have Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood, so five elements as opposed to only the four that we tend to use. Gets more interesting by the minute, eh? :)

  12. Tootie - have been savouring the sea and sunshine on your blog - I shall drop by for a paddle in my imagination when my toes need thawing. Sorry it took me so long to say Hi!

  13. That "secret profile" image is very good. A nice literary touch. On the astrology, you surely know that Gemini and its ruler Mercury are associated with writing. So that increases the effect you mentioned. Once I lived among you like to swim?

  14. Hi, Bdogs - used to love swimming in the sea, but an indoor pool with chlorinated water is the only option these days, so count me out of that!


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