Friday, 16 January 2009

Short but not necessarily Sweet.

A Trying Triolet

The age old art of writing rhyme
a poet's fond endeavour,
can take unconscionable time
the age old art of writing rhyme;
he seeks perfection with each line
though he achieve it never,
the age old art of writing rhyme
a poet's fond endeavour.


  1. I'd never heard of a triolet. It's a tough one, so nicely done.

  2. Love this. So lovely with the coming full circle and the repetition for emphasis. Great day and weekend to you, Jinksy.

  3. AC - I do occasionally try to be good and follow a known form and rhyme scheme, just to prove I can do it if I put my mind to it - hence the title 'Trying Triolet'!
    Angie - Moi? Going in circles? Hmm...

  4. I am more of a free form gal :)...
    And yet...I have and do utilize structure...

    I think each piece takes over and demands its style, do you?

  5. Muse - interesting question. Words that make their way onto paper usually demand a certain style, but does it invalidate the thought behind them if subject matter and form/style are at odds with each other? Would 'Gutter Mess' have had more or less impact if written in iambic pentameter?

  6. Jinksy,
    Your musings and poetry are always so clever. You are a rare gem indeed! Thanks for the smile. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Guess if I can add a smile to the world, it's no bad thing! :) or should that be :-) ? Second version looks a trifle hang dog...

  8. For symbolic purposes I like to interchange pronouns in my writing. Why should either males or females be the only illustrious participant in a poetic endeavor? OMG an emotional response is rearing its emotional head. Congrats.


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