Sunday, 25 January 2009

Commercial Break?

While messing about on the river has its ups and downs as a blog subject, I feel the need today to moor up in a quiet backwater for a spell, so have decided to insert this (almost) commercial break, in which readers will no doubt be able to overlay the manufacturer's name on the condiment in question.

A Saucy Tale

Tomato sauce (with burgers), tomato sauce (with chips),
Tomato sauce was almost all that passed through Georgie's lips.
Tomato sauce for dinner, tomato sauce for tea.
'Tomato sauce', said Georgie 'is the only food for me.'

His skin grew red, then redder, he really looked a sight.
He woke up shouting 'More sauce!' in the middle of the night.
He went to see a doctor about the dreams he had.
The doctor said 'Oh, deary me!' and looked a trifle sad.

'I fear it is tomato sauce that's causing all the fuss
and giving you the nightmares that are getting worse and worse.
Throw away the bottled sauce, try nuts or fish and pasta.
I think you'll find the nasty dreams will go away the faster!'

Georgie drew some pictures of fruit and veg and meat.
He pinned them up beside his bed before he went to sleep,
to remind him, in the morning, which healthy foods to choose,
in case his memory played its tricks once he'd had a snooze.

And soon he found his colour was no longer red and bright
and he never got those nightmares in the middle of the night.
He could eat a proper dinner without ketchup on the side
and appreciate new flavours in the different foods he tried!

Normal service will be resumed as soon a possible, folks... For more tales along the riverbank, watch this space tomorrow.


  1. Mr. Heinz will not be well pleased with your poem there!
    But hey.....who cares. I loved it!

  2. Oh Jinksy I do love your poems. This is such a moral tale!!! Normal service? What's that?

  3. Like it Ma! Inspired by a neice of mine maybe??? :)

    If you return to the boating saga, don't forget the lock adventure involving a quick thinking neighbour and a huge bump (or was it bang or splash maybe?!) Scary all the same! xx

  4. Wow! This would make a great children's book. I would call it "Tomatolicious.

  5. Or alternatively what about "Tomato-lucious?"

  6. Hi Jinksy, just think of tomato sauce when reading my red writing,lol.
    Sorry about that, I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

    Thanks for your visit and most kind comments.

    Love your prose.

  7. I always go straight to the source, er, sauce!

  8. I started to comment earlier and it just went poof and I was left with nothing. But, I do like tomato sauce but, to much and I need something to stop the acid.

    I hope you day was wonderful. Hugs~~~ leslie

  9. What a fun post (and I read the river tales too, but am on very limited commenting time with the sick kiddos). I love your writing style :-)

  10. What a great poem! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  11. Loved it!! LOL...well done, Jinksy :) Nice to meet you, thanks for coming by and following.

  12. Poor little tomato head! Maybe needs a visit from Dr. Jillian McKeith?? Oh, I do so love my BBCAmerica.

  13. Thought this was great! Really conjures up the picture. I must show it to my step-son, he is an avid tomato sauce user. I once joked, why wasn't he having it on his cornflakes? He thought for a minute then said, no, it would curdle the milk!
    Love Granny (*!*)


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