Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Instant Sequel

Thanks to AC, I've broken the rule I made to only blog once a day, as too much of a good thing can harm a lad. OK so I'm not a lad, but SB's comment made me wonder...
Be that as it may, here I give you

The Jump Part 2

Mackenzie James McArthur
shot into the sky.
In his dreams he'd never thought
he'd ever jump so high.

But now, just like a rocket,
he whizzed towards the Moon
and couldn't help but wonder
if he would fall down soon -

back into the garden
where patient Tommy stood,
hoping jolly jumping Mack
would land and stay for good.

Moon frowned as young Mackenzie
rose through the stratosphere.
'Well now', he muttered gently,
'What do we have here?'

He quickly wished upon a star
and brought Mack to a stop,
then hailed a passing fluffy cloud
to save him from the drop.

Mack floated softly back to Earth
to land by Tommy's side -
he's surely learned his lesson
about 'fall' and 'too much pride'.


  1. You ARE clever! And YOU are clever! Not to mention that you are CLEVER!

  2. Lovely lovely words! A great sense of humor! Lover of E. Goudge and knitting and blogging. Oh yes. We have much in common.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm delighted to meet you!

    Somehow, your previous post about wandering around acting nonchallant (did I spell it correctly, it doesn't look right) pretending you're NOT looking for a missing object reminded me of Winnie ther Pooh. "Tut, tut. It looks like rain."

  3. Look at Jinksy, even with a bad case of CRS like mine, she's still crankin' 'em out! :)

  4. I am so glad he is back down on earth!

  5. YEAH....well we deserve 2 posts don't we? LOL

  6. lol Loved it! And you can make your own blogging rules!

  7. Do you all realise, you're like friendly neighbours popping by for a quick 'Hello'? Welcome to my humble abode - shall I switch the kettle on?


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