Thursday, 8 January 2009

Where does it come from?

Inspiration, I mean. Discussing the subject with a friend one day, I was asked if I could write a poem about anything. Liking the challenge, I answered 'Give us a word, then we'll see'. 'Rabbits' says he as quick as a flash, or indeed a rabbit's tail whisking down its burrow.
The gauntlet had been thrown down. I picked it up, grabbed the nearest back-of-an-envelope, (the best 'quality writing paper' to use at a time like this) and let the following be born into the cold light of day as the moving finger writ. Or more correctly, wrote - but writ has a nicer sound.

A Mother's Lament

I'm a happy bunny,
I hop around all day,
nibbling tasty blades of grass
before they turn to hay.

All the baby bunnies
have left my bunny nest
and scattered to the four winds,
North, South East and West.

So I'm a happy bunny,
I now have time to play;
but I wish my baby bunnies
were not quite so far away!

My brother in New Zealand, whom I affectionately call Herb, or occasionally Bush Face, due to the sprouting matter that has graced his jowls since the tender teenage years, quickly came back with a repartee in similar vein, to whit:-

So, you're a happy bunny,
I'm glad to hear you say.
I hope your tasty blades of grass
never turn to hay.

Both my baby bunnies
have also left the nest.
But the little b*****s do come back,
and are a s*****g pest!

I'd be a happy bunny
if I had time to play,
but now I'm back from Vanuatu,
it's off to work each day...

to help one run her business,
be an hotel for the other -
they never seem to leave the nest!
Who'd be a Dad or Mother?

Sorry for the somewhat wickedly irreverent tone he managed to introduce, but at least the asterisks let you supply your own, less colourful words, should you so wish.

Have a good day, folks, or should I say Rabbits?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today and for your kind words in the comments.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Hi Jinksy - just paying you a return visit - glad I did as the rabbit poems are so funny I laughed out loud. Shall put you on my blog list - in these dismal days we can do with a bit of humour!

  3. Hi Jinsky, this is a fun poem. And since a friend challenged you to do it I think it came about in the best way. One delightful evening was spent with good friends, before they moved out of state, was to sit round a table and create poetry based on other poems, word challenges, and visual imagery. It was one of the most fun evenings I've had.


  4. !!! I cannot believe ol' Bush Face was so rude to me and my sibling. You're much nicer to your offspring.

    The fact that my Spawn and I are only two days away from heading up north to treat his house like a hotel for another week is completely irrelevant, of course.

  5. But shows his bark is worse than his bite, and that you love him really! As do we all... xxx


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