Wednesday, 14 January 2009

To Dunk Or Not To Dunk?

A Biscuit Lover's Dream - Or Nightmare

A bourbon biscuit's chocolate crunch
at breakfast, dinner, tea or lunch,
delights the tongue and gives a thrill
though proving that we have no will
to stick to that new diet.

I've seen small children, adults too,
who break their biscuit into two
and, though disgusting this may seem,
lick off the inside's chocolate cream,
it's no use to deny it.

But those who dunk them in their tea
or coffee, perhaps, just like me,
need deft and rapid finger action
if they're to eat with satisfaction
and avoid ensuing mess
when soggy biscuit plops on dress.


  1. Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well. Get Drunk!!!

  2. Hmm...hardly likely, Leon, on such beverages as tea or coffee! My usual tipple is common or garden tap water - and before you say it, NO.. my tap IS in the kitchen!!

  3. Great way to start off my morning visiting here. :)

  4. Or plops into the coffee jinksy! What a lovely little poem - reminded me of one of those moralistic poems. I too love dunking, particularly ginger biscuits in hot chocolate!
    Does wonders for the waistline!

  5. Cute. I like the rhyme scheme.

  6. Very cute. I've dropped more cookies into coffee, tea or milk than into my mouth. But then a teaspoon comes in handy. ;)

  7. No dunking...
    Im a straight shooter gal...
    A hardliner.......

    LOL thanks for making me smile!

  8. Glad to see you all voting on this one - I think the dunkers have it , though not the biscuit if/ when it has to be retrieved in a teaspoon, for by then it can only be termed a splodge.
    As I have some ginger biscuits in the barrel even as we speak, I may have to go and get a cup of hot chocolate to experiment with, W of G...


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