Tuesday, 13 January 2009


During my morning trip around Blogland, I've been surprised to discover the threads of thought that have been woven between minds. How is it, in visits to many blogs I've not come across before, I've found the subject of dreams has been written about in many different ways and by many different bloggers during the past few days... It would take a far more mathematically inclined brain than mine to compare global times as stated in each post in order to ascertain who wrote what first, but it struck me as uncanny that the subject had been somewhat universal.
I wonder if others of you have had the same experiences? Obviously, I would expect subject matter to be shared, to a certain extent, between those bloggers who regularly read each other's entries, but this doesn't account for similarities in blogs only visited for the first time this morning.

As I tend to view time as the warp of life, and all our stories as the weft that creates the fabric of our existence, I guess it all makes sense. A cloth woven in such a manner has to link us, as weavers, in some fashion - anybody out there agree?

So here's a dream thought for today's pondering:-


While you are sleeping
the night flows around you,
shows in your dreaming
how good life can be.

Thoughts of tomorrow,
with all of its promise.
in sleep's footsteps follow
for those who would see.

Only in dreams
can Man's vision be woken
to plan for a future
when the world will be free.


  1. Very profound! I tend to think that we are all loose threads, some of soft wool and some more stringlike and sometimes you form a knot with someone. I wish I had your wonderful dreams. Mine make me very tired and make no sense to me at all.
    Have a good night ;-)

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, Jinksy. Whether in cyber or real life, we all form a tapestry of beautiful threads. Now, there are some bad or escaped broken threads to be sure, but they cannot diminish the whole. :) About my salad recipe today -- let me know if you can't get Craisins there and I'll treat ya to a bag!

  3. All of these poems about sleep and dreams make me want to curl up. But I can seldom nap, and even nighttime can be problematic although it's been pretty good for the past week or so.

  4. Carolina - our differences provide the texture :)

    And Angie - the broken treads are there for us to darn and patch with love:)

    And AC - I can recommend TV as a sleepng draught, especially if its a film you want to watch!

  5. Do you think the world will ever be free, Jinksy?
    We can but hope.

  6. I tink Thomas Carlyle provides the best quote on the subject, Weaver of Grass - The thought is the parent of the deed...

  7. I know just what you mean Jinksy. It only reinforces the idea that humankind - we are all part of a collective consciousness. We are all tiny particles of the same whole. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind, delicious words. Also, I had to smile when I first saw your name -- my first kitten was named Jinksy. She was playful, clever and a little mischievous!

  8. Jink, it's so good to make those links, and weave those cyber tapestries here, don't you think?

    You write with a very light touch, it's very beautiful!

  9. such a nice poem, Kinksy!
    thanks for visiting and for the nice comment on Alice's post :-)


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