Sunday, 11 January 2009

Perchance To Dream

A silence roars. It vanquishes my wakeful,
cushioned head and restful quietness
of sleep eludes my poor defeated brain.
In contrast, blanket hush is draping rooftops;
chimneys standing sentinel to mind
which conjures waking nightmares of vague
phantoms. Formless, palid wraiths persist,
seeking actors to play a major role
in some unwritten fantasy of sleep.

The hours, minutes, seconds slip away,
despite my fears that time is standing still
in retribution. Finally, I fall asleep, but
coalescing dreams in Technicolor coats
flaunt kaleidoscopic shapes to tease
and taunt me. Half remembered images
from earlier days are sifted through again,
in attempt to find their underlying meaning,
for body, spirit, mind to wake refreshed.


  1. Lovely poem jinksy - and so true of my sleep patterns, too.

  2. Hello, how nice of you to comment on my blog en to be my first ever 'follower'. You made my day!

  3. Sleep sure gets "chancier" for me these days.

  4. WOw-- you write so elegantly and in such a way I can see and feel the scene! I can learn much from you!

  5. Jinksy - you are a wonderful wordsmith and your style is elegant and quite poetic.

  6. I very rarely remember dreams (about three times a year I think) so they don't play much of a part in my life. If I dreamed I'd have even more to write about, like you.

  7. You're right, we do all seem to be focused on dreams this week!
    What a fun place you have here :-)

  8. I love this poem, the words are like a soup of sounds that delight the soul...really, really good! Keep writing Jinsky and I will keep reading :)


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