Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Out in the cold?

UK is going through the coldest snap we've had for years. Minus ten in some places last night, according to the news this morning. So, when I keep reading blogs with photos of the snowy scenes in other places of the world, I guess I should be grateful that in my neck of the woods (metaphorically speaking, for I live in a small town) the worst I have to contend with so far, is a bit of frost and black ice. The beautiful snowy scenes of all you enthusiastic happy snappers have been a sheer delight - I wandered through so many yesterday that took my breath away, as I scrolled though earlier post of bloggers I'm learning to admire. There is so much beauty waiting to be recognised, and unfortunately, on the reverse of the coin so much ugliness, too.

I left a comment on a blog yesterday, that I'm going to repeat here:-

"That which is sought is often elusive.
That which comes unbidden is realty
before it is recognised".

How many of us chase dreams and miss the obvious? Self included, may I add...And how many times is it because we need to pause, try to view things from a different angle to make sense of an otherwise puzzling, difficult, worrying or hurtful situation? AARRGGHH. Didn't mean to pontificate. Back to the cold.
A few years back, I was walking home late one night, or rather early one morning, after a protracted singing rehearsal - though the actual rehearsal finished hours ago, a few of us stalwarts carried on singing for fun, and lost track of time - and today's 'not quite poem' was the result.
Perhaps I should call it 'A Cold Cameo'


Clear night sky,
frost filled moonlight
cutting cold accross the land;
sounds are honed
to a knife sharp fineness
by the icy, silent air.
Stars, bright as polished steel,
blaze white hot accross
light year distances,
linking Earth to Infinity.
The sudden brilliant arc
of a falling metorite
underlines their beauty.


  1. ...Or rather 'meteorite'. Oh, how I wish I could spot typos more quickly! Could have just said 'falling star', I guess - less letters?

  2. Ah, you're a singer. I can't seem to follow any part but the melody, which is problematic when one has a deep bass voice.

  3. Hi, AC - it's just as bad for me - I want to sing anything BUT the melody - harmonies rule,ok, and baritone (as perladies barbershop) is my delight. Trouble is, that means somboody else has to sing, before I can supply the twiddly bits. In a good arrangement of four part harmony, basses can sing the melody line to great effect, so don't despair.

  4. Today my eyes, fingers and brain are anything but in accord - what is a somboody, I ask myself? Or a perlady?

  5. Good luck with your blog.
    I have become one of your *followers.*

    Bear((( )))

  6. It's much colder where you are than here. I am grateful for small favors (ice, but more moderate temperatures). We should have some warming today; I'm ready for the ice to disappear.

    I enjoyed your poem, very much.

  7. I forgot to mention when I first came here the other day I had quite a shock. Thought your blog's title said, "Nipple Notes," (which would be quite bad with your post title today). But, love your poems. Are you composing a chap book? Write on!

  8. Thanks, Angie for lowering the tone?! ROTFLMAO , as I've learned to say. Explanation of title derivation will be my aim for today...

  9. It does seem to be much colder where you are. We've been having a bit of a cold snap down here in TX. Thankfully, the weather is supposed to warm up today. I really like that phrse "bright as polished steel". It seems to build an entire image for me of some cold nights I've found myself outside looking up.

    As I recently joined my church choir, I'm delighted to find you are a singer. I love barbershop and do indeed like the harmonies play that one can have such fun with. Alas, to get to that fun part, I have to spend much time "learning" my part so that I can forget about the technicalities of singing along and just relax and have fun with the song.

    Peace! & Joy!

  10. Lee - have just re-read your words 'outside looking up' and HAD to wrte this to ask 'Up What?' Drainpipe, perhaps?


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