Saturday, 17 January 2009

Medicinal Laughter

I don't by any means think of 'Laughter is the best medicine' as a purely English concept. I'm sure I've seen TV news items which show groups of people in other countries gather together to have a good laugh for an hour or so; not at a bunch of comedians, or a comic film, but simply Ha Ha Hee Hee at absolutely nothing in particular.

Medicinal it may be, but infectious it certainly is; I've only got to hear a good giggle coming from somebody and I'm a whisker away from joining in to the point of snorting like no body's business, ( I have the kind of laugh which can end up as a snort - possibly as I gasp for breath for the next guffaw) without the least idea of what I'm actually laughing at.

I wonder how far along the evolutionary path it was that Homo Sapiens developed a sense of humour? Whenever it must have been, I pity the first person who discovered they were a snorter, because they probably had all tribe members who couldn't see the joke, thinking they were imitating the mating call of a dodo, or something. It's a disconcerting sound, I'll admit, although the next stage of the disease is possibly worse.

Tears put in an appearance, cascading down ever reddening cheeks, as the legs cease to function and the arms clasp tightly around the midriff against an increasing ache in that portion of the anatomy.

This is bad enough if one is in the company of others with similar, unfortunate laughter patterns, but if any bystanders happen to be of a more sober mien, this spells disaster, as symptoms develop in reverse ratio to the degree of sobriety shown by them.

As with any swinging pendulum, the hilarity has the potential to revert to it opposite pole, sadness. This is a subject that many try to ignore, or even deny its existence, but as any clown will tell you, it's never far away. So for clowns everywhere, here's today's offering.

Painted Lady

By tradition a clown has a painted smile.
Can somebody paint one for me?
Inside I am crying to ease the pain
which no one must ever see.

My everyday face needs a mask for the world
for my sadness may not be set free.
So I ask once again for the smile that I need;
can't somebody paint one for me?


  1. That's a sad poem, but laughter is very contagious. We have a funny program here called "Just for Laughs Gags." It causes my wife to laugh heartily, and I end up giggling too because her joy tickles me.

  2. Reading your post I thought of this video I once saw, of a girl watching a video of someone with a really funny laugh. All will become clear if you watch this
    To overcome the sadness of your poem I watched it again and allmost fell of my chair laughing.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I can't imagine you not smiling or braying like a happy donkey! :)

  4. Hi Jinksy, me again, left this comment to your comment by accident on my own blog, not too bright:
    I usually go shopping once a week. And sometimes we go to one of these wholesale shops. Have to be strong then, they sell Mars-bars in boxes of twenty or maybe even more. Oh the thought of it......

  5. Oh we are twin laughers!! I snort too when I get carried away :)
    Just reading about laughter makes me laugh!!

  6. Snorter always make me laugh harder. That video that Carolina posted was hilarious. I'd seen the original of the barn dad before, but never this one of the laughing girl watching it. Too funny.

  7. Please, people, my (our)snort is ladylike compared to the girl on the video! Don't you agree SM?

  8. Sorry I'm so late in posting my has taken me on a few travels as of late...but now that I am able, I certainly wanted to "visit".

    Our cottage, The Painted Nest is not abundant in PINK (gasp, I know, LOL) nonetheless the fun continues, as I participated in this past Sat. Pink Posting... :)

    Happy to be here tonight and catch up with you :) And pleased to read such a work as this...sad, yet engaging!


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