Saturday, 3 January 2009

Discovering Blogland

I little thought when I took my first faltering steps into this strange country, that I'd be so entranced with the mental views it conjures for a traveller to admire. Even while appreciating a new found vista, alluring signposts tempt one further afield; 'follow this blog', says one, 'post comments(atom)' says another, every one drawing the mind further and further into untold realms of delight...

Other people's minds roll out red carpets to welcome visitors to first night performances of their latest epic. Gradually, their production and presentation skills divide them into categories: these are artists who use cameras as brushes: those are artists whose words sketch the scene: still others use videos to encapsulate music and movement and lay it before us, a veritable feast for the mind.

I picture Blogland as as an all encompassing sphere cradling the Earth, where people can rise above everyday limitations, restrictions, worries and cares, to socialise in an ideal environment, where wars and hatred have no place - have we begun to discover Nirvana?

Here is a picture postcard, just waiting to be delivered to residents of Blogland :-

Day's End

Pale crescent moon
sails twilight sky,
with sooty cameo
of chimney pots
a darkening skyline
in the winter dusk.

Jet coloured ridge tiles,
shell edged, trim rooftops
whose slate grey tones
have been stolen
by the coming night.

Colour seeps from a world
preparing to sleep
and the black speck
which denotes a solitary bird
remains poised
above bare branches.

Dwarfed by alley walls,
I pause to watch day
relinquish its hold
as, shivering, I huddle
against wind flurries.
But the scene's beauty
radiates its own warmth
in compensation.


  1. That's a lovely postcard, Jinsky. I like the view. You've painted a still life of English roofs and dusk into which the mind sinks and, finding itself transported, looks around. It speaks volumes of your love for your home.

  2. Thanks Lee, but it's more a love of observation, and the ability to translate what I see into words for other's to share, not necessarily only about my home. I've discovered that there are actually people who might simply have said 'Goodness, it's cold in this alley - and it's nearly dark too', and that would have been that, as far as they are concerned. The same scene, but a different vantage point. Glad you liked mine...

  3. Hello, Jinsky. Thanks for your visit to my Camera Critters post.

    I *greatly* admire the poem you posted today; talk about "word pictures!" It is marvelous!

    To answer your question about my poetry: I don't have a separate blog for it, since my poetry writing is sporadic, at best. As I explained in an early post when I started my blog in April, 2008, there are times when I feel compelled to write poetry, but I can't just decide that I'm going to write a poem; it's truly (and totally) a matter of inspiration. I don't "think" in poetry, as I perceive that you do.

    I did post a poem titled "Remembrances of Rain" when I first started my blog, and I invite you to read and critique it, if you're inclined to search it out. I have two more "poems" (and I use the term loosely) posted elsewhere in my blog. One is purely doggerel, but that's the way I was led that day.

    I fear my comment has exceeded the bounds of common courtesy for a first visit. I'm putting your blog in my feeds and will return very soon to read your earlier posts.

  4. I hope it stays this positive. So far, so good for me although I've heard shadowy tales of blogland being very unkind.

    Thank you for finding my place.


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