Sunday, 4 January 2009

View from childhood, perhaps?

Me, Myself And I

Mummy says I'm her girl,
Daddy says I'm his.
Gran 'n' grandpa say I'm theirs.
It really is a swiz.
I can't belong to anyone,
I know that I am mine,
because I am the only one
who's with me all the time!


  1. Welcome to the Blogorama, Jinksy! I love the picture you paint of Blogland. So lyrical. And the poem, Days!

    Thanks for dropping by my little corner of this crazy cyber community. Hope you'll visit again. I plan on coming here regularly to see what lovely thoughts have found their way into a post.

  2. Joy, joy! Another potential visitor - Welcome to my vast but jumbled inside mind...It's door is always on the latch.

  3. Very clever child, Jinsky! This one was fun. I liked the rhythm and rymes. Had to look up "swiz" and learned something in the process.

    Are you into taking fun quizez? There's the results of one up at my place if you want to try it.



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