Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Busy Busy Busy

You know what it's like- some things have to be attended to ' now' - like the continuing drain saga, which has blossomed into a cutting-down-a-big-tree-saga, as well.
Therefore, for no apparent reason, here's a little something to keep the lines of communication open, along with the drains.

Eastern Delight

Across the Gobi Desert
came the camel caravans
with pungent Eastern spices
from oriental lands.
The merchants in their flowing robes
traversed the shifting sands
and the Silk Road
gave its bounty
into their outstretched hands.

From Persia and from India,
from market or bazaar
they came to trade
their precious goods
and carry them afar.
The finest silk from China
was prized by queens and kings
for its vibrant, glowing colours
bright as butterflies' jewelled wings.


  1. As usual, your poem paints a great picture.

  2. I like your poem - it has shape in the way you presented it. Kind of like a wave of sand. Wavy.

  3. yes, beautiful it is, it has a certain rythm to it
    (or might you be an Audrey Hepburn, I wonder)

  4. Lovely little poem Jinksy. I must say that i was on the Silk Road about ten years ago and it was very grotty. Samarkand sounds so romantic but it did not live up to expectations until I got to Registan Square - and then it had all been worth it. But the Silk Road - no longer exciting I'm afraid.

  5. The finest silk from China
    was prized for queens and kings
    for its vibrant, glowing colours
    bright as butterflies' jewelled wings

    good as always

  6. I understand the tree thing. We had a big tree in the parsonage lot in Crystal Falls and its roots clogged up our sewer system and flooded our basement.
    Interesting poem.
    Your word choice as always is superb.

  7. This one even looks beautiful on my screen. It almost looks like a jeanie's bottle. See what you did; you got my imagination going.

  8. Wow, you wrote that poem? Excellent, love the words you've used and the shape it makes. Like some exotic bottle of perfume.

  9. Lovely piece my friend!!
    busy time for me also
    must be something in the air!!


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