Monday, 2 February 2009


I escaped the white stuff that's slowly drifting down this morning, by spending the past three hours or so in Blogland and ignoring the picture I could see through the barely open curtains ( I'm trying to be energy efficient.)

Sweetmango swept me off to sunnier climes with her description of places she's lived, and all thoughts of posting something myself went totally out the window (Yes, that bit showing between aforementioned curtains.)
Moannie made me think in a philosophical way about the ifs and buts of life, and Weaver of Grass added hope to the bleak weather prospect, by saying its Candlemas Day, which is supposed to denote the half way point between Winter and Spring. These blogs, plus the others I've visited have really highlighted the extraordinary ability of Blogland to join minds in a truly unique way.

Imagine what our cave man ancestors would have felt, being presented with the thoughts and visions (photos) from people all over the globe - always assuming they could have coped with the idea of the world being a globe shape, in the first place. As well as places being vastly different, their ability for communication would have probably been lacking. There'd be Mr Cave-in-the Mountains saying 'UG!' to Mr Cave-in-the-Seaside-Cliff , whose reply of 'GU!' was totally incomprehensible.

Now there are all these enormously well educated people who, from their homes in Finland (Helsinki), Norway, Holland or even as far away as India, can share thoughts in English - the language of a tiny island, that despite its diminutive size has managed to make an enormous difference in the ability of people to communicate across the countries of the globe. If the ancient Britons hadn't had the 'satiable curtiosity' of Rudyard Kipling's Elephant Child, how different the world might have been today.

The philosophical bent continues, as I ponder today's rhyme, quite appropriate for a blue Monday in the snow...

The Elephant

An elephant lived in a zoo,
as he had nothing better to do,
for the jungle was gone
that his dreams centred on -
so he stayed where he was, feeling blue.


  1. I love it! UG! And GU! LOL! So totally cracked me up! And it is amazing what a vast ammount of impact the English language has had. (Especially since it's supposed to be the hardest--but I'm not buying it... has anyone even seen the Asian languages?) And I'm doubly grateful to have been born into it! LOL! I think I would've had a hard time speaking it else.. who am I kidding? i still can't speak the language! LOL!

  2. A very nice rhyme! UG and GU? Hahaha! I never thought about it that way. It certainly gives an interesting perspective on today's language and communication.

  3. It's interesting with English language in Finland. Before and after WW2, German was spoken more, then gradually English (or American) -with the entertaining 50's from the USA, started to invade Finland.

    Children start to study English in school at the age of 9 in Finland, Swedish (Finland being a bilingual country) at their teens, maybe also French, German, Spanish or Russian or some other languages.

    It's hard to imagine how it would feel not to have to learn English, but to have it coming natural. Well, nowadays, Finnish children seem to understand and speak English from the crib, thanks to the Net:)

    Maybe if Germany had won the war, we'd still be speaking German here as much as once it was done.
    Or Russian!

    Greetings from the snowy and freezing cold Helsinki.

  4. UG and GU! Brilliant!
    Strange thing is that we are taught English, German and French in school because they are our neighbours. Those countries don't teach Dutch though.

    How is the snowsituation with you? BBC Breakfast this morning showed that it causes quite a lot of disruption.
    Are you okay?

  5. I've been that elephant before...

    brilliant musings again today. BT seems very unhappy with the snow, have you experienced problems as well?

  6. You're right; we seem to be onto something. Winter starts to wear thin about this time of year, and we still have two more months of it. :(

  7. I can see your mind turns to quirk and 'wot-if' as mine often does!

  8. lovely thoughts Jinksy and THANK YOU for the idea about Christmas cards...for next year inspired!!

  9. Oh what an insightful post this is!

  10. I thought of you last night when they showed England buried in the white stuff without the benefit of snow plows!! How's it there now?

  11. Hi Jinksy, I've been sitting her catching up on reading your blog. I want to tell you that scientists have discovered that an elephant in captivity has a shortened life span along with mental and physical ailments. Your poem is right on.


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