Friday, 13 February 2009

Mushy Stuff

With the hearts and flowers standing by to swamp everywhere with Valentine schmooze, I thought I might as well add a bit to the saccharine dreams, and leave you all to ponder pros and cons of loving, while I gird my loins, not to mention my jeans, ready to sally forth to the dentist a bit later on. Maybe it will help show I am not a complete dyed in the wool cynic at heart. Oops - did I actually mention that red palpitating thing on the eve of St Valentines Day? I must be slipping...


Do I create you
from my own wishes
when suddenly you appear
at unexpected times?
Unbidden, my mind creates
a vacuum of suspense
and your form rushes
to fill the void
and breathe new life into
my existing being.

Nothing can parallel
the surge of joy
that such chance meeting brings.
Love's blossom blooms
in the arid desert of a day
till then without you
and my very soul takes wing.


  1. Lovely!
    (and how was the dentist's appointment, lentilsoup tonight?)

  2. Love's blossom blooms
    in the arid desert of a day
    till then without you
    and my very soul takes wing.

    LOVELY lines composed
    Have a good time

  3. Will you, in some far distant future
    think back upon me, my love?
    Remembering how I once loved you
    with all I had in me
    And looking back
    for the first time see clearly
    how deeply I must have loved you
    In the countless verses
    I dedicated to you
    Showing so clearly
    for all the world to see
    the depth of my devotion
    Will you?

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Jinksy! I can tell you are a true romantic!

  5. I do find some humour when you mention Valentines and loins in the same sentence.

  6. Dentist appts - bleah!

    Poem - wonderful!

  7. Very romantic Jinksy - are you thinking of anyone in particular? I have just bought the farmer a heart-shaped tin of chocs (I admit mainly because I love the tin and can think of a good use for it when it is empty!)

  8. Oops, Jinksy's chrome plated heart might be melting, after all! V. pretty, Jinks! x

  9. Jinsky that is beautiful, I am putting it in my book!!
    Happy Valentines Day and tons of love from me!

  10. Valentines and dentists in the same post. Now that has to be different.
    I wish I had your ability with words. I love your poems.

  11. Taking wing indeed! The upper part I read instead of "gird my loins" grind my loins. Oops. Happy Valentine's Day anyhow.


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