Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I've decided - I definitely speak Mr Cave-by-the-Seashore's GU! language. Mountains may be beautiful to look at, but I can leave that bit of Blogland for others to pursue. Give me the flat, golden beaches full of sea-edge sand, and the shushing of the waves to send me to sleep once the sun has flamed, flared and set on the horizon. Of course, this would be on a good day, but I'd be just as happy cowering in the cave a bit further along the coast, watching the rollers break over the rocks, with the wind whipping white tops on the waves chasing each other to shore, seagulls screaming with delight as they battle and dance with the gusts.

So, Gu! for me any day. This language will no doubt evolve, as any language would, but I'd endeavour always to retain its essential 'Gu-ness'. I'd hope never to label a word as 'old fashioned', simply because it didn't trip lightly off the tongue of other Gu-bods in their day to day communications. I'd retain the right to chisel it on the rocks, any time I felt like waxing lyrical, much as I retain the right to use so called 'archaic' words to pepper the posts on my shell encrusted, water splattered Blogland writing tablet.

So I've made my choice. I wonder what your choices would be as an ideal habitat?

New Direction

Has fate decreed the life we lead?
Does choice not play a part?
May we not rectify mistakes
by some new change of heart?
Must we ignore the way we feel,
leave unexpressed our need
and accept without complaining,
following where others lead?
For I believe we have the choice
to control the path we follow
and thus the smallest change today
may precede a greater morrow.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I feel like I walked in on the middle of the show on yours. I shall have to return if a few more times to come up to speed. But I did like and understand the poem.

  2. Lovely sentiments, but you probably won't feel the same way after you see the award I've given you over at my place.

  3. Oh yes I do, Suldog - for any passers by, for goodness sake go visit Mr S TODAY - but be prepared to wet yourself with laughing..

  4. Beautiful, jinksy, right up my street, thank you!

  5. I love the slushing of the waves! Mind if I borrow that word??? Lovely!

  6. LOLOL! I LOVE It! GU! You soo crack me up! And I'm right with you on that beach! i LOVE the beach!

  7. Mountains or seaside, I like both. Mountains most though, I think.

  8. I truly love your poem, Jinksy! And the preface to it is extremely poetic prose. It's such a joy to visit your blog. Should I become harried today, I shall fill my inner eyes with images of the flat, golden beaches, and listen with my mind's ear to the shushing of the waves.

  9. Oh gosh, first I'd like to congratulate you on your 'beautiful' award. I can fully understand that you do not want to clutter your excellent blog with all sorts of weird images that you also have to bother other people with. I hesitated myself, but I'm a sucker for praise in any form, so.... ;-)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my award. You are lovely and wonderful, did you know that? Lots of warm virtual hugs are coming your way now!

    I'm living in flat UG-land and I like that. However, I can see the attractions of GU-land too (and next to my maths-dent, there is a huge language-bump, so I will not have to much languageproblems). Would miss the trees of UG-land after a while though. So, better stay an UGGER!

    Lots of love!

  10. I have to admit, it took some catching up to know where you were coming from but now that I've read up, I'm happy to have the ends tied.

    Oh, and UG from Canada!

  11. Great poem Jinksy.I'd like to have it on my wall.

    Here in the Antipodes the beach is exactly as you describe at this moment...

  12. Mountains. I was born in the mountains and I spent a good many year aching to get back to them -so now that I'm back, I'm finally home!

    I do love the ocean, though -it's my second love after the mountains...:)

  13. Jinksy, I love the way you craft your delcious words. So satisfying - makes me feel like I've devoured a big bowl of literary decadence. No dieting for me. Thanks for the great posts.


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