Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Interlude Continues

No surveyor turned up yesterday. About four o'clock, I decided to ring the company and see what the hold up was. They had, apparently, booked the call for Wednesday, not Tuesday, so I continue to wait. Whenever you're waiting for a visit like that, I think it becomes difficult to settle to anything much, as there is the feeling you'll probably be interrupted at some crucial point of whatever you've decided to do.

With each news bulletin recently, our TV screens have been bombarding us with terrible pictures of the Australian fires; parts of our own country suffering either snow blizzards, or floods. In the areas where torrential rain Monday night had added to melting snow, many streams and rivers overflowed...

With all these images swirling round in my mind, along with the words of Blogland people describing first hand their experiences of the traumas, I decided to put my waiting time to constructive use, and here is the result:-

Out Of Kilter

Huge wild fires rage,
devouring Australia
as floods swamp Britain.

World balance see-saws,
seemingly out of control,
while mankind watches,

tries to come to terms
with natural disasters
afflicting the globe.

Here, just to prove my point, I was interrupted by the promised surveyor, and have now dealt with necessary paperwork that should allow the drain experts to deal with my insurance company direct, therefore more quickly. They have arranged to carry out the work next Monday, with the reassurance that if further problems occur before then, all I need do is 'phone, day or night. Hopefully this will not be necessary...

Must take time here to thank Imac for the wonderful title he dreamt up for Monday's poem - 'Pipes of Poo' - and Hilary's quip that it was 'pooetry'... Don't you just love your fellow bloggers?


  1. Ah, another triple with the longer line always looking short.

  2. World balance see-saws,
    seemingly out of control,
    while mankind watches

    So, time & life is great leveller


  3. It is as if nature is telling us that it will always do what it wants.

  4. Nicely done, Jinsky.

    I hope things get settled for you quickly.

    And thanks for the shout-out. :)

  5. Pooetry? Pooorfect. :) Ok that was bad....

  6. Hi Jinksy, I shock DW at times with a quick wit remark, it does'nt happen often, but odd times there's a brain flash.
    Thanks for the credit my friend.

  7. Great bit of poetry even if interrupted.
    Of course the disasters we have now are no worse than the ones that took place in the past the reporting is just more extensive and graphic.

  8. Love ya blog-o-rama, Jinksy. (Will answer mail asap. Life interrupts plans daily.)

  9. Hilary is so good with the words isn't she? woot-woot. Maybe I should start something new on my blog: "Way to get your poo out." Silly me. I should be shot.


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