Saturday, 7 February 2009


I can see you expecting sheepish tales, after a title like that. But no, nothing so ecologically engaging. Today the morning was bright enough to inspire me to give myself a long overdue hair cut. I need a bright morning, as now my bathroom has been revamped to a shower room, the layout has changed, and I can no longer set up my Heath Robinson contraption that enabled me to see the back of my head for 'shearing'. I've found, after many years of using scissors in this area, it's possible to do a very adequate job using electric hair cutters to achieve the desired result.
But now I need it to be a bright day, as I have to set up my mirrors in the kitchen, and ordinary dull daylight leaves a lot to be desired. On a sunny morning, the kitchen is lit to perfection, and I can snip away contentedly.

So today was the day. Do you know the little Einstein pop up you can choose to answer help questions on screen, I wonder? Well, his fly away white locks are exactly what mine looked like yesterday. Shambolic. I know I have it in my power to remedy the situation ( I've been cutting my own hair since the age of about 12 or13, after my first disastrous visit to a 'proper' hairdresser) but I need to be 'in the mood'. I've learned it's best to wait for this 'mood' to signal 'go ahead', or the end result can leave me narked at myself unnecessarily.

In the old bathroom, I used to build a 'tower' - one wooden kitchen stool (upright) one metal, fold up kitchen stool (upside down and unfolded on top) a half imperial (old paper size) wooden drawing board balanced on the four metal legs, then a swing mirror on top of that. A bathroom cabinet on the wall by the window had a mirrored door, so I was able to adjust the angle of this, and I'd made sure it had been fixed to the wall at a suitable height for me when standing before it. Thus with the cabinet before me and the tower to the rear, I could manoeuvre things to my satisfaction and 'Hey Presto', another pile of unwanted hair hit the deck.

The kitchen is different; swing mirror on worktop by the window, chair in front to bring my head level with it, then second adjustable mirror on top of a plastic box, on top of the same old wooden stool as above, and I'm in business. Snag is, I can no longer strip to bare essentials, as window looks out on pavement, and passers by might complain... So I have to use a cotton shirt as a coverall, and it does hamper the process - especially round the collar area.

Thus you see, perhaps, why I need to be in a certain frame of mind to subject myself to such a performance. The end result has me looking much the same as in my little photo, so I guess this haircut passes muster. As none of you can actually see me, disparaging remarks about my competency as a barber should be minimal... Au revoir, mes amis! A demain...


  1. Bravo! I couldn't do it. I only cut my hair once, in college. Let's just say, it wasn't pretty. ya know, so much energy is stored in our hair. I hope all you cut off was the negative.

  2. Ah Jinksy, I once cut my fringe (bangs) with a pair of work scissors, I was so desperate - I ended up having to go out at lunchtime for repairs, it was so abominable!

    I grew out that fringe finally, and no longer have that problem...

    p.s. I am worried about you employing any kind of Heath Robinson contraption!!! x

  3. My hats off to you ! If I cut my own hair I could not leave my house for a least a month. Shudder !!!
    Speaking of hair, mine is straight as a board and I am going to the Beauty shop on Monday and get a perm. I keep my fingers crossed that the lady knows what she is doing !!
    Hope your week-end will be a good one. Hugs~~~~Leslie

  4. I have never cut my own hair. My fingers are way too shaky.

    I gave you a blog award. Stop by my place to pick it up.

  5. The Heath Robinson contraption sounds very complicated! How very brave to cut your own hair Jinksy, especially the back.

  6. I laughed out loud:
    "I can no longer strip to bare essentials, as window looks out on pavement, and passers by might complain..."

  7. Believe it or not, Cuppa's hairdresser, in our little Ontario town, is from London. This English Jew immigrant is one very fine hairdresser.

  8. How brave you are (and have been for a long time) to cut your own hair. My periodic visits to my hairdresser help me keep my hair quite short, but I occasionally have to take the scissors to my "sideburns," where the hair seems to grow faster than anywhere else on my head.

  9. I just went out and got my yearly hair cut. My wife wanted to cut it, she used to. But I decided that was now too risky and went to a real barber. I would never try cutting my own.

  10. Thats rreally a something cutting own hair, i never tried doing so. May be after reading ur post. :-)


  11. I wouldn't have the gut - nor the talent to cut my own hair. I'm very impressed that you do. But I'm also surprised.. that there was no poem about it. :)

  12. I admire and envy your set up. A dear friend of mine, recently gone, cut her hair for years with clippers. Very good on her, but not for everyone, I fear. I only take out the shears when the front gets too clumpy. For the back, it's off to the local snip shop.

  13. Gosh, quite a contraption needed for you to see what you are doing. Could you not sell tickets to the public on the pavement? I for one would enjoy watching the event.
    Anyway, LOL at this post. You brave woman! And seeing your photo, the result is admirable!


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