Sunday, 15 February 2009


It had to happen sooner or later - the blight of the Piscean personality, or at least, mine. My astrological birth chart gives the game away; the planets are splayed around the circle in just the way my mind tends to splay its thoughts. There are such a multitude of options when I sit in front of the keyboard each day, that I occasionally have difficulty in making a decision of what to write about. It's not that I can't think of a subject, more that I have too many of them crowding and calling to be let loose.

First , I thought I'd continue with the animal theme, but after David's note yesterday about maybe doing a 'verse and worse' sparked off by the word pelican, I 'd hate to spoil his thunder, so let well alone.

Then a conversation with a friend about The Weald and Downland Museum made me think of houses and building methods thereof, but I've put my bricks and mortar away for the day, so that was a no no.

Then Dr John wanted a further poem on the joys of falling asleep at the wrong time - and so the day has slipped away, while indecision rules. There's Pisces Fish me struggling up and down stream both at once and standing still, or at best, going round in circles.

So when Granny On The Web added her two pennyworth to the melting pot, I was only too pleased to get the nudge finally, to write on the (sad or happy) subject of tears. To a watery Piscean, they are like life's blood, as often as not, if they run true to type ( the person, not the tears).

At least these days, with films on TV to watch in the comfort of your own home, it's not so bad. But Oh! Teenage dates at a cinema could be torture, if the film caused the tears to flow. Whether it had a happy or tragic ending, it WAS the ending, and you knew in a few moments the house lights would go up, and there you'd be (correction, I'd be) bleary eyed, red faced, and on a bad day, sobbing, just in time for poor unsuspecting boy friend to think he was out with a monster!

It was just as bad in school, or at work. A sharp reprimand, if I considered it unjust, and immediately, down would drop the tears. There was no way on Earth I could control the drippy reaction. And it was no better if I saw another person in tears, mine squirted out in sympathy, rolling quietly down my cheeks and making me feel totally wet and a weed.

I'm not sure that the happy tears are very much better, either. A piece of music, a beautiful painting or other work of art, has only got to imprint its picture on my retina and boom, there's me welling up. And laughter, well how bad can it get? Laughing like a hyena, snorting with mirth but with tears pouring down all in one, is not a nice experience, let alone a pretty sight.

To all those Blogland people who have managed to reduce me to tears, both happy and sad , I think I should say 'a plague on all your houses' , but on the contrary, I salute you for being such a great bunch of multi-talented humanity! May you long continue.


  1. ah-ha! now, i understand your comment. :) no worries. cry your guts out, jinxsy.

    also, i have to say, that there is something very...textured/dynamic/musical about the way you write, that i really like. a rhythm to it. i give that a high five. :)

  2. Dang - I'm a Pisces too -- gawd. don't get me started!

  3. I cry and laugh easily, especially cry and especially in the movies.
    It's sometimes a pain, really, but those tears are at the same time so sweet, refreshing and they come because of a need.

    Too many ideas to write about usually gets me to make a picture -no words required.

  4. Sometimes even I am perplexed with lots of topic and ideas trying to penetrate the mind and in that process none succeeds, sometimes many do.

    And I can cry at slightest of emotional things, it can be a emotional conversation, scene in movie, some thoughts, though tears doesn’t inevitably rolls down all the time but then its chocking feeling. But I won't cry for yesterday. There's an ordinary world some how I have to find. And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world I will learn to survive…..When peoples care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul.


  5. Tears were cried
    Water came down
    Again love died.

    When a girl I was with started to cry I always figured I was the monster not her.

  6. chacun dit que les hommes ne devraient pas crier, mais quand la pression construit et les émotions sur l'écoulement, même l'homme ou d'ailleurs quelqu'un devrait le faire parce qu'après le fait de faire donc nous tous nous sentons realxed et la pression sont reposés comme il part avec les déchirures.Peut-être nos yeux doivent être lavés par nos déchirures de temps en temps, pour que nous puissions voir la Vie avec une vue plus claire de nouveau.

  7. Gosh, frtprnt's French comment made me cry for I always thought that my French wasn't too bad, but I had to read it at least three times before I understood it (more or less)*snif*

    Lots of love, x

  8. Your fish analogy was perfect. I've known a lot of Pisces peeps over the years and I would always say, "make up your mind; why is it that half of you wants to swim upstream and half of you wants to swim downstream." It seems to be very true. I am a Taurus; stubborn. Just yesterday my S.O. and I went for a drive and I asked him to pull over so that I could take a picture. He moaned and said, "make it snappy." Well, I am so stubborn I refused to take that picture. He told me how stubborn I was as I sat there with my arms crossed, pouting, telling him to drive off. I blame it on the moon.

  9. What a lovely post and oh how I understand those tears! I am worse with happy endings than sad ones usually, though both can call for Kleenex! I have come to your blog via The Weaver of Grass. I often see your comments and thought I'd like to 'meet' you, as it were. I live in Ireland and my blog is about my daily toil there with photos too. Hope you'll call.



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