Sunday, 22 February 2009

Follow My Nose

No, this doesn't mean I'm going to launch into some smelly story to wrinkle the olfactory nerves of anybody within sniffing distance. It's simply the way I seem to be choosing what/where to 'blogabout' next. That is NOT a typographical error, but a word which should be considered in the light of a 'walkabout'. In the hazy moments of waking up, before the necessity of facing the day in a vertical position, I tend to ponder this subject. Everyone needs a special incentive to get up in the morning. For years, work was obviously 'it', though not a particularly exciting theme, but with retirement, the picture alters.

I've never been a 'jolly hockey sticks, let's go get 'em, up, up and way!' person, preferring the more contemplative life. (OK, truthfully, a procrastinating dreamer, with very practical overtones which have managed to give me a modicum of balance in what could otherwise turn into a private LaLaLand.)

After deciding this morning to follow the signpost to 'Mum's Brigade', as hinted at a day or so back, ( maybe entitled 'Adventures or Misadventures?') , once I'd read all the comments that had been whispered in my computer's ear overnight, that subject went by the board, out the window, off the scale.

I was totally intrigued that my simple, Saturday shopping trip had caught the imagination of those who'd stopped by. Doesn't everyone think about their own daily actions in a similar way? Then I realised, of all the blogs I've read, it's really only Weaver of Grass who gives similar, daily doses of what life is like in her neck of the woods - literally - lucky lady! This doesn't mean all the other blogs aren't interesting, simply that a sense of place doesn't always accompany the subject, other than in photographs. Beautiful though these usually are, they somehow don't seem as personal as scenes described by the mind of the Blogperson, as opposed to photographic equipment; and I wondered why? What makes me feel this way? It can only be that I love the brain's translations, rather than the digital camera's.

So, Anvilcloud, I think you may be disappointed, if you are waiting for napple notes to suddenly blossom with photographs. Perhaps when the wellspring of words run dry, I may be tempted to create a pictorial blog. Who knows where my nose ( oh, I enjoyed that!) will lead me, and thereby you, my reader?!

Pause for Thought

There is a wonderment in being. So many people are too intent
on solving everyday problems, never seeing beauty.
They are content with increasing material success
and see no riches in simple pleasures.
Wind ripples on water, wind waves in grass or treetops
are sights which in no way impress them
as would man made treasures.
Unheeding, always too busy to pause, they pass by wealth
of a kind far greater than any for which they strive.
Diamond collarettes that spiders weave in morning hedgerows,
they do not see. Later in the day, those same bushes
alive with drone of insects or hum of bees, leave no doubt
as to their value in diurnal patterning of Nature's complex plan
whose riches are intrinsic and eternal, though unrecognised
by unobservant Man.


  1. I am always intrigued, but have stopped being surprised at what catches the interest of our blogging friends - and me, for that matter. Following your nose seems as good a way as any, and better than most. I think I might go and do likewise from now on.

  2. Glad your nose is pointing the direction for us. :)

  3. It's funny, yesterday I thought about your post and wondered if you would ever add photographs to your posts and then I thought: 'But Jinksy doesn't need photographs to take you somewhere, she uses words'.
    I swear that's what I thought.
    Lovely post as always, I chuckled all the way through the first couple of alinea's, and thanks for taking the time and the trouble to always visit my blog and leaving a comment. You lovely, lovely person!

  4. But I want to see that C13 church! :)

  5. jinksy, you need not photographs because you paint with such wonderfully cinematographic words! x

  6. Jinksy, as always you've given me a lot to contemplate and I love that about you the most. I honestly, (not kidding), never even noticed a lack of photos because you get my imagination going and soon I'm seeing it all in my own mind's eye, and then sometimes I look online too to get a glimpse on my own. I think you know that your blog is one of my first stops every day since you probably always have me in your mailbox waiting!

  7. Somehow I always picture things when I visit your blog. You do not require a camera.

  8. the poem was great! I enjoyed it.
    And I also think that a little photo here and there would not ruin the work of imagination. :-)

  9. I absolutely adore your blog! Found you through "the Dotterel" and am so happy that I did:) Count me as a follower!

  10. Jinsky thanks for coming to visit me, it's good to "meet" new people and read their work. I like your narrative and wholesome style. I hope you'll come back to visit sometime - although I don't get much time to write, sadly...

  11. Photography is another form of expression. I don't think it's meant to take the place of words, nor is it necessarily meant to enhance them. I think they can each stand on their own.. together or apart. To each his/her own. And your own is very fine, as always. :)

  12. You said it!
    "(OK, truthfully, a procrastinating dreamer, with very practical overtones which have managed to give me a modicum of balance in what could otherwise turn into a private LaLaLand.)"

    I did a second read-through and this just jumped off the page at me. Classic.


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