Saturday, 14 February 2009

Madagascar - Cartoon or Cat Nap?

While allowing any remaining Valentine vagaries to pass by, this afternoon I decided to watch the last film I'd recorded over the Christmas holidays. It is the only one left on the disc, and I need to erase it, to have the disc at the ready to record some future delight. Don't tell any one, but this was to be the third time I've attempted to watch it. The first two occasions, were evenings when TV had little to offer. I like letting the Inner Child revel in a cartoon type film from time to time; Wallace and Grommet are top favourites, but Madagascar looked promising, too.

Why were both attempts unsuccessful you ask? Simply because, after the first fifteen minutes or so, the Inner Curtain, never mind Child, descended, and I was out like a light, waking up as the credits rolled. OK, so perhaps it had been too late in the day to expect any other result. Hence today's decision to make the third attempt in daylight.

I got engrossed with the notion of zoo animals escaping to freedom, and enjoyed more than one giggle at particularly apt pieces of dialogue or animation. Today, I even got past the shipwreck and landed on a Desert Island before 'Poof' - you guessed. Out like light. And the credits were rolling - again.

To add insult to injury, as I stopped the disc and the TV screen resorted to the current BBC 2 screen, what should be showing but a nature programme entitled 'Meerkat Manor'.

That gave me the final push to choose an animal theme for today's poem and to keep it on an Inner Child level. Let's hear it for kids of all ages - self included, naturally.

A Day At The Zoo

Sunday, for a birthday treat
we visited the Zoo,
with pelicans and penguins
and exciting things to do.

We fed some baby lambs,
milked a noisy nanny goat.
When a crocodile smiled,
we saw right down his throat!

We road a lumbering elephant,
held squiggly wriggly snakes,
watched a hippopotamus
who splashed into a lake.

He frightened all the sea lions.
They made their flippers clap,
until two keepers fed them fish
from a basket with a flap.

Brightly coloured parakeets
flew around and squawked,
while one clever cockatoo
sat on his perch and talked.

Then Daddy laughed
and said it sounded just like me;
and I said I thought
we should all go home for tea...


  1. My OH falls asleep at any nature or weather related documentary - He finds them so relaxing, it's like meditation for him - Perhaps you need to hang onto that film, in case you ever suffer insomnia, Jinksy?

    Thank you so for leaving such a lovely comment on my bloglette x

  2. This a very interactive imaginary zoo - I like it.

  3. A pelican never says ``I can't'' because he/she always peli-can.


    I might write a Verse And Worse on that theme!!

  4. Naps win out every single time with me.

  5. I just love your poems.
    I sometimes fall asleep watching programs I waited to see.
    we need a poem for that.

  6. I love Madagascar! I've watched it many many times and laugh every time. I watched the sequel today!!! I also like Wallace and Grommet, great laughs....

    I enjoyed your poem of the zoo :-)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Brightly coloured parakeets
    flew around and squawked,
    while one clever cockatoo
    sat on his perch and talked.

    well composed

  8. Hello Jinksy,

    Thanks for the nice poems and funny telling of the nap story. I have to agree with others who also fall asleep at times like that.

    In our house the television is deliberately placed in a room without comfortable chairs.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today.

    From across the ocean blue....

  9. Hi Jinsky
    Same in our house! My other half despairs at me being able to watch a film all the way through, either I am always in tears or I have gone to sleep. Hard being a woman isn't it?
    Liked अविनाश response above! another poet do you think?

    Thanks for leaving a calling card at my blog.

    Love Granny


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