Thursday, 19 August 2010

Here Do Be Dragons

Not the most fearsome of creatures, I grant you, but a fitting follow on from the previous post! He was part of a Fancy Dress Competition, where George and the Dragon set a challenge to the costumier's imagination, as well as to the wardrobe department's supplies.

Lots of cereal cartons and silver foil, finished off with a lace petticoat, leather gauntlets (well, gloves with milk bottle tops attached) and a fencing helmet disguised the brave St George, while ten sporty neighbours provided the dancing feet of Draco.

In the excitement of the ensuing battle, the photographer failed to pay enough attention to such things as ensuring the feet of St George were in the frame, rather than several pairs of onlookers dittos which would have been better out of shot.

However, a right royal skirmish ended with a noble death on the part of the dragon, who, nevertheless, still managed to live to tell another tale, I'm quite sure...

I may be back later with a draconian ditty - or I may not.  Watch this space... OK, you can stop watching - here it is...

Draconian Ditty

I took my harp to this party
but nobody asked me to play.
Everyone there was too busy
following Dragons, that day.

The ten legged beastie was playful,
and staggered around like a loon,
but the shine on St George’s brave helmet
was really what caused it to swoon.

Then, dazzled, the dragon  expired,
while it glittered in afternoon sun,
and its mournful voice croaked in an agonized wail
“Oh, no! Saints Alive – I’m undone!”

The sun had ignited his nostrils,
so none were surprised when he spoke.
“That additional heat was the trigger,
and now I am billowing smoke!”

Feel sorry for dragons, dear reader,
for I’m certain that everyone knows,
the tenderest spot for such burning
is the tip of a dragony nose.

Okay all smart alecks (you know who you are)  who can't wait to tell me there were twenty legs, not ten -I'm already ahead of you - ten PAIRS, I should have said, but it would have messed up the meter.


  1. It looks as if it might have taken place during a Jubilee street party!

  2. Amazing what you can do with milk bottle caps, carton and silver foil. It had me fooled for a moment in thinking this was a real knight in shining armour fighting a scary dragon.
    But the dragon's legs gave it away ;-)

  3. I hope you didn't really kill any dragons and it was all pretend. Dragons are wonderful really. We won't harm anyone unless they need to be taught a lesson. That St George man was naughty and just showing off.
    Be kind to dragons!

  4. jinksy, i'm intrigued by the lady to the left of st. george properly doffing her hat and beating a hasty retreat before the scales start flying! steven

  5. Steven-

    Indeed! I was tempted to crop her out of the picture originally, but her deference to Draco deserved to be recorded for posterity! She’s Mary, a midwife by profession who was afraid of blood! Hehehe – must be why she was beating that retreat before the blood started flowing!

  6. I laughed out loud at your Beatrice Lillie impression! That was your Beatrice Lillie impression, wasn't it?

    Did you ever hear, in the olden days, Stan Frebergs's 45-rpm comedy recording called "St. George and the Dragon-net"? Absolutely your post today!

  7. I don't care about Dragon's apparently amputated legs--it looks like a lot of fun and definitely imaginative use of a materials at hand. So Kudos to your poetic tribute to the endeavor.

  8. Very nice poem and what a great idea for Halloween, which is not too far away. I love local pageants and fairs. Surely you were in there dressed up, but I guess you were taking the photos.

  9. haha.. you really are too cool :)

  10. And I thought being the back end of a cow was bad enough! Great gallantry in words and pictures!

  11. I love fancy dress, costumes and dragons. And all of the editorializing.


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