Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Live And Learn

I've just discovered something interesting. Have you ever felt cheated that you can't scroll to a post you know you read on a blog in the last few days, but which can only be found after a laborious search though archives? It's taken me a while to cotton on to the fact there is an option for letting many day's posts appear on your home page.  This makes it easy for readers to scroll down to ones they may have missed, or to recap on one they want to read again.

It remains to be seen whether this will slow Blogger down, but until that becomes obvious, I shall be giving everyone the option of scrolling through a month's worth of posts from my home page.

The brightly coloured image above is there just to wake you up, and is a detail from a larger Paint doodle I called 'Jazz'.  Have a good day, as the saying goes...

Although I've now come to the conclusion that today is a slow day in Blogland, and I've penned a few lines on the subject...

Not A Lot Happening

Deep in the heart of Blogland, nothing stirs.
For once, there is scarcity of words.
Have people reached the bottom of their well
of bubbling inspiration? Who can tell...
Maybe a multitude of cats that roam
have bitten lots of tongues? Shall we bemoan
this sudden lack of posts? I shall aspire
to light a match or two beneath the fire
which may ignite verbosity, in time,
so the only tongue that's wagging isn't mine...


  1. I love this! And no, the cat hasn't got MY tongue!It takes more than a slow day to stop mine wagging!

  2. Your artwork is indeed most arresting - love its vibrancy and abstract qualities. A fun poem, thank you. I agree with your sentiment ... but feel it's hard to start a fire in this wet - wet - wet weather. Strange how others elsewhere have had a summer of drought. I've never seen so many early toadstools before...

  3. Oh this is so clever. I found you on Poets United, and glad I did, becuase your blog is so unique from the others. Please take a look at mine also
    Thank you,
    Herb Alyette.

  4. Ok -The code for links is the algebra-no-
    Geometry formulas, I could never understand...
    I assumed the blogs were in order of date- No ??
    that is how they appear on 'my' landing; what do you see ?

  5. Izzy - I think you need to email me, if you want and answer to this question... My address is on my View Profile page...

  6. You could of course shout through a loud hailer instead.

  7. It's actually not my real name, but an anagram of my real name.

  8. I will have to confess, I'm glad to have a little break, so as to catch up with all the posts I've not had a chance to savor. Love your paint doodles, and, of course your amusing poems. I am hoping, in that regard, to encounter a Flenny Noyder or two, but hope not to stumble on a dillytow.

  9. My tongue has certainly been wagging Jinksy. But I think the August heat, somewhere or other, does have an affect!

  10. I stopped, I listened, and nothing could I hear,
    Save the sighing of the flowers and the whispers of the trees;
    I looked in others’ blogposts but scarcely could define
    A thought of more than holiday (though obviously not mine)
    The rain continued raining, the wind blew black and blue,
    The muses sheltered, crying, ‘Tis too soon to be de trop’,
    But the tongues said, ‘We are waiting, your words we really need,
    And the muses said, ‘We’re here and we’re ready to succeed.’

  11. I found I couldn't leave comments on the posts I read yesterday because of some technical Blogger hickup. And I too felt the silence. So I went clothes shopping, which I hate!

    Glad your tongue is still wagging and your fingers are still walking all over your keyboard to brighten our days with your paintings and poems ;-)

  12. Not sure how that would work for me, but I'll investigate. thanks.

  13. I'm not one to post many words anyway, but am behind in excuse other than busy with life in general.

  14. The doodle looks cool! I like how little things inspire you to pen wonderful lines. :)

    Thank you so much for captioning my shot. I hope you will visit again.

  15. Another way to make your blog more 'searchable' Jinksy, is to actually have a 'search this blog' box on it. I've got one on mine (top right, here) - I don't know if other people find it useful but it helps me find things I want to refer back to if they are less recent.

    And I can't believe you ran out of blogs to read - I simply can't keep up!

  16. You've done it again! Produced a poem to suit a fleeting bloggerhitch! Magnificent!

  17. A month is a lot to load, but it did load quite fast for me. Those of us who post a lot of photos should probably just display the last five posts or something along that line. Otherwise, it's still summer and people do tend to roam.

  18. Very vibrant and enervating, and if that is just a section of the complete artwork, I cannot imagine anything more alive. So, after a long winter's nap in summer, I'm off to do your bidding and will remove the cat from my mouth.

  19. I added it to my blog and I think it makes it so much easier to find a recent post. I miss your sweet poetry! It always makes me smile:)


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