Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tango Time

rhythm fans
desire until
syncopated notes
demand  to be obeyed;
switching sharp staccatto notes
for slower, more sultry phrasing,
soon mesmerizes swaying dancers,
compels  them to tango with abandon.

Rallentanda has chosen to set a Spanish flavour for her Wednesday poetry fun and games, and this made me want to hear to hear an Argentinian Tango in all its glory. Of course, this then challenged me to stick to my latest discovery and produce yet another etheree, but with musical undertones - hence, see below! Shall we dance?


  1. After 1.48 they look like they're in danger of get their legs swapped!
    You're so clever with the etherees, Jinksy. Don't let them take you over.

  2. Great writing, Jinksy. I am in the "slower, more sultry phrasing" mood this morning. Got up so early. Great dancing in the video. How can they move their legs at that speed and not fall down?

  3. A Spanish sprinkle with a difference! Don't get too carried away, Jinksy!

  4. I could barely march in time and with right and left food in sync with the rest a band in high school. So dancing was never in my repetoire of talents but definitely my admiration of talents of others. TANGO was my favorite, most especially gypsy style. Gypsies also had a variety of dances I label folk for lack of knowledge. We saw some in Spain which we toured, while we were stationed in Morocco.

  5. They tango in the streets in Buenos Aires.

    No really.

    Well, not everyone - but it's a nice idea. I was invited to have a go when I was there but I had a cold. 80(

  6. Wow, that's some nifty leg work. Beautifully danced but the polka's more my style ;-)

  7. That was definitely worth five minutes of my time. Loved the poem and the dancers. She looked as light as a feather, didn't she!
    Blessings, Star

  8. Etheree... Is that the term for a poem of shape, perhaps specifically a shape bringing to mind the subject? Cool! I learned something!

  9. Very sexy dance the tango - love the poem too.

  10. I've abandoned the idea of dancing the tango or anything else.
    Great post.

  11. Tricky little form, and aren't we glad her name wasn't Moon Unit!

  12. Love what you've done with the "place" . . . sorry to be so away . . . have been making a solid try at getting to bed early. Not working tonight!

  13. We were watching a tango on SYTYCD, and I realized I don't even know what a tango is. The steps, I mean. Do you think I should find out sometime?

  14. nicely sprinkled jinsky...thanks for sharing this

  15. Very nicely done.


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