Tuesday 10 August 2010

Mystery Tour Time

Go HERE to find out more! Or even HERE! You will find that the challenge by Rallentanda was to incorporate all these words into a poem or story, and I chose to post my effort on Friko's Fridge Soup Blog, which you can find by clicking on the first link above. Be ready to be surprised!


  1. Jinksy! And please don't try to tell me you knitted that hat.

  2. hey, that's nice of you? are you giving us a leg up or do you think that Fridge Soup is much the best place for such quirky efforts?
    Whatever, I like the change of venue and the work left behind!

  3. Friko -
    I thought The Soup would be the best group to enjoy the quirk, plus some of my ordinary visitors may like a change of scene!


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