Sunday, 15 August 2010

Ticket To Ride

The Poetry Bus is about to travel the highways and byways of Bogland again this week, driven by Enchanted Oak. I hope to purchase a valid ticket for once, with no last minute dash to the stop. The seriousness of this wish probably influenced my take on the subject matter, as for once I have left the joking behind me, and opted for a more romantic mien.


Morning shrouds the placid, shining water
with mists that roll across awakening Earth.
At river’s edge, low willow fronds have captured
this shallow, patient craft, securely berthed.

Will one who comes to claim her be a maiden,
or will it be a youth, well built and spry?
Will they rendezvous among the shadows?
These dissipate as softly as a sigh

as Sunlight claims creation as her own.
With her slanting beams outpouring from above
she drapes all bodies in her golden raiment
to act as testament to dawning love.


  1. oh wow jinksy - this is just breath-taking - i LOVED the whole poem and i would instantly rendezvous among the shadows...

    the last stanza is singing like a bird in my head - it's just so passionate and lovely positively claiming

  2. beautiful image. the words are from another time. steven

  3. Jinksy, I'm speechless, not that I'm surprised, I always admire your writing, but this poem truly is enduring.

  4. I like the "shallow, patient craft". This is loving and peaceful.

  5. I like your poetry in romantic mood too Jinksy.

  6. Lovely--and in perfect keeping with the Atget photograph!

  7. I am personally fond of fronds, and I like both your word picture as well as the photograph.

  8. Indeed, romantic. I particularly liked,
    "..she drapes all bodies in her golden raiment
    to act as testament to dawning love."

  9. Oh, Jinksy, what a sweet, idyllic trip. Those first four lines are masterful, leading us gently by the hand into your poem. How divine it was to visit here.

  10. I like your romantic mien too, Jinksy. Beautifully written.

  11. This is your best yet jinsky, both picture and poem are wonderful......:-)Hugs

  12. "Will they rendezvous among the shadows?
    These dissipate as softly as a sigh"
    Simply beautiful

  13. A lovely poem Penny. Your picture was appropriate too. - Dave

  14. Oh please let it be Mr. Darcy's (or Colin Firth's) craft. I'll gladly be his *ahum*maiden*ahum* ;-)

  15. Absolutely gorgeous jinksy, full of rareties - the shadows dissipating soft as sighs was one of my favourites.

  16. what a lovely piece... I wish to return to see who arrives to claim her!

  17. jinksy, this is wonderful, awe-ful. Beautiful mood and writing, and your words just flow as the slow river. Superb.

  18. Holy frigales!
    I adore the way you Think n write!
    "These dissipate as softly as a sigh" *Sigh*
    "Patient craft" is such a nice way to describe her(Is it the boat or is the maiden!)any interpretation, it's just very romantic:)

  19. Gorgeous Jinks!! Very flowing, romantic and something I just want to get lost in.
    Really lovely.
    More please ... whenever the mood should strike.

  20. This is lovely, soft, dreamy .... makes me want to be there!

  21. This is a well-chosen picture since it can be taken in so many ways. Yours is a lovely idyll and mine is the corruption of it. ha ha

    I really like the "dissipate" line.


  22. Beautiful Jinkst, I think wewere in the one boat.Now I must look up that lovely word 'raiment' which although I never heard it befotremade the poem for me.And that's what it should be all about.Not completely understanding, but liking and learning.Brava Jinksy!


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