Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sales Pitch

Saw this photo on Stony River's Microfiction Monday (Okay, so it's Wednesday, but hey, who's counting?). The object is to tell a story inspired by it, in 140 characters or less. Not being a story teller by inclination, I opted for a straight forward sales pitch of the kind which is all too prevalent in our mercenary world. so, first the picture, then the pitch.

BOGOF! Get Two for One!

Mobile safety suit for unswerving agoraphobic whose only remaining fear will be an automatic, electric tin opener.

If you go and visit Stoney River's blog, and then Mister Linky, you will be able to beat a path to the doors of many more blogs and read all the other Micro fiction offerings for the week. Enjoy!


  1. Jinksy! This was so much fun :D
    "Mobile Safety suit" I want one..I want one:)
    A tin opener!!!Haha...

  2. But what will you do with the spare one, ET ... er...perhaps I'd better stick to Erratic Thoughts in full, as ET smacks of science fiction...

  3. Now then . . makes one wonder how claustrophobic Knights-at-Arms coped in their tight-fitting Mobile Safety Suits.
    Great humour, Jinks . . .

  4. Truly impressive that spider armour! :-)))

  5. Does it rust, will I have to polish it?

    I like Doctor FTSE's response!

  6. Merisi-
    Now I have horrid visions of being incarcerated in a suit full of spiders!

    Steven -
    It must get VERY noisy on the inside when the visor falls, I grant you, but why is Klang noisier than Clang?!

    Wanda -
    Ever practical questions from the point of view of a housekeeper! lol

  7. Two for one - so that would be one on and one in the wash?

  8. Jabblog-
    More likely the polishers – or perhaps the car wash?! :)

  9. But what happens when the suit is changed out to the other? Lets hope some dog doesn't come along to mark it's Way.

    Welcome to Susan's Microfiction Monday.

  10. Being agoraphobic myself, I might just insulate myself with this..thanks for the fun!

  11. I do so completely LOVE where your mind goes, Jinksy! What fun. Thanks.

  12. Your humour has lost none of its bottle after a good night's sleep Jinksy.

  13. I reckon claustrophobia might have been the more prevalent problem, Jinksy. But I could use two of these at the foot of our stairs!

  14. Bill-
    thanks for the welcome.I think the spare would be stored in
    mothballs, far from any hound dog!

    then I hope you'll find a suit to fit?!

    my mind has a will of its own...

    Weaver -
    for a moment I thought you were
    implying I'd been on the bottle!

    if I find two, they will be yours!

  15. Hrmpf (which is the sound that I make when spitting a drink all over my computer screen)

  16. I hope it was only water - anything else, you may not be able to read the comments! lol :)

  17. I love BOGO's and I always find someone who can use the second one.....jinsky you are a special lady with many talents.......:-)Hugs

  18. Bernie -
    I wield a mean tin opener - Sir Knight should take care!!

  19. Looks like a knight in shining armour! Good pitch!

  20. lol. Very funny piece. :-) Another one that made me smile.

  21. Who needs the hi tech suits today?

  22. hahaha. love it. if you hear the fast...smiles.

  23. I will gift it to somebody...erm...I think..yes..I will...
    But seriously lovely perception of the pic! :)

  24. If I put myself in a suit like that- the kid in me
    would suffocate ! are the pieces interlocked ?
    how would you get out ? the last few things to go on -gloves and helmet ? How would you walk ?


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