Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Morning After

Sleep or no sleep, this morning my old cogs and wheels whirred again at the sight of the word 'Shadows' in a post here, by the cryptically named bkm.
To prove that levity can turn to seriousness in the blink of a jinksy eye, here is the result.


The shadow beings follow all our lives.
Their untold stories, full of silent words,
trail behind us under cloak of dreams.
They are never written on life's page,
because we chose to pen a different tale
from one they secretly had planned.
Their umbrous spectres hover ever near
and fill us with amorphous sense of loss,
if we should bid them closer to ourselves
and stand them in a spotlight on our stage.


  1. I like that poem. There is a haunting sense of mystery to it and I liked your chosen words.
    I also read your last post about sleep (or rather lack of it) and feel I too, often give into my computer....... at the expense of house work rather than sleep, though.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. This was scary :)
    I have been frightened by shadows once or twice...ahem..hush..ok that was supposed to be a secret..:D

    I liked your use of "umbrous spectres" in it..Nice piece of poetry, a perfect end!:)

  3. But are our own shadow beings scary? I was thinking of them more in the light (get that pun?)of our alter egos, than in those dark shapes cast by sun or moonlight.

  4. Certainly haunting and mysterious and thought provoking, Jinksy.

  5. Great imagery, and thought provoking. Two of my favorite aspects of poetry. Nice to meet you, new to magpie.

  6. Loved the shadow poem. It's true - they do stick to us, don't they? And the ones that don't - they are terrifying indeed!

  7. wohoho this is lovely..

  8. "Their umbrous spectres hover ever near" - this line really summed it up for me.. .
    A very nicely constructed poem... illustrating the way we lead our lives, amid shadows from everywhere, from all points in time and space, of everyone we have ever come across...

    Thank you so much for sharing this poignant piece with Poetry Potluck!! It was a treat reading this one..

  9. Truly gives one pause to thought. Who's the shadow and who has the life plan? Do we just blindly follow our shadow?

  10. super beautiful writing,

    love the secrets under the shadow.

  11. Thanks for the participation,
    love your sweet nature and kindness.

    See you next time!


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