Friday, 13 August 2010

Still A 55 But Different

Friday and Mr Knowitall go together like strawberries and cream, or perhaps nuts and bolts! However that may be, his plan to get people writing a story or poem in exactly fifty five words, is well known to many of you. But Delwyn sparked an alternative choice in my mind, when she introduced me to the etheree poetic form:- ten lines, beginning with one syllable, increasing by one for each line, until the tenth. By this time, by some quirk of mathematics, you will arrive at a total of fifty five syllables. Don't believe me? Start counting!

you now
please ignore
'fifty five words'?
Use as substitute
fifty five syllables,
such as those I have written,
showing stalwart Friday Flashers
a carefully counted etheree
whose last line will match with their ten digits!


  1. color me impressed...have never tried this...perhaps i will plant a tree today...smiles.

  2. Oh, help- more counting ??
    I'm glad you are trying different challenges,
    God Bless-
    My meditation for today
    was in the spirit realm, taking me to a
    place of uncertainty...

  3. The G-man and Fridays are like unicorns and glitter.

    This is a very cool take on the 55 (I used my calculator.)

  4. I love this form(it from her first name). I came across it about two years ago. If you do what they call a double-etheree you can treat the switch like in a sonnet as here.

    To hear or read my non-PC illustrated Friday 55 click here. Warning you may have to read the footnote after to make sense of it!

  5. wow - this is really brilliant!

  6. This site gets more mathematical by the day. Go steady there Jinksy, my maths stops at 2 plus 2 stage.

  7. Wow, 55, right on. That is quite interesting. You have a great mind for words, Jinksy. This is fun.

  8. thanks for the suggestion and comment- have a good weekend!

  9. Gosh Jinksy, I learned two poem structures today yours and John's. I might keep on and really learn some stuff. You made a pretty good guess on my VTT with the nurses cap. Modesty and celebricy was two of the main requirements in the early nursing schools. You could not enter the Hospital nursing schools if you were married. When nurses started showing a shortage the rules changed pretty quick.

  10. Jinksy, you are a marvel at playing with words, I've known that for a long time. But now I learn that you can count too, drat you, woman!

  11. I still say you are amazing......this is brilliant...........:-) Hugs

  12. Your 18 words short!!!

    Thanks for playing though.....:P

    Hey!!! I didn't make the rules, I just enforce them.
    Jinxy I'm writing you a ticket for 10 shillings!

  13. Quite a mindbender! Have been away--nice to be back and catch up with your posts.

  14. WOW! That is great! I'm utterly speechless!
    (for two seconds, cause I want to answer your question on my blog "You are witty and pretty" - never knowing the blog-etiquette where to answer: here or there? So I throw my words about double-trouble to the wind and start an extended double:
    Dear Pen,
    yes, language is a funny and beautiful playground. And if you think of all the possibilities to add one's own experiences, unsaid of course - and with that: the own interpretations that another person cannot know - it is really astonishing that anyone dares to open his mouth on such a minefield of possibilities at all! The Berliner Gazette published my article "Am I a Facebook-Cougar?" (you find it under " as "Hooked on FB?") where I describe why I use the daft sign :-)
    PS: After sleeping one night over your explanation of "recticule" I am still not quite so sure if I can trust simple explanations by such a witty and subtle Lady as you are - as a visual person I see many other possibilities. ;-)

  15. hehehe...this was too cute! And very clever too!!!
    I am already tempted to try this !!! Yaaayy...Thanks for inspiring me :)
    Happy 55!! and Happy Weekend!

  16. Jinsky very clever post!

  17. How cool is that! I'm not sure I could handle that much math, but I am very impressed with your 55!

  18. That was terrific. I've tried a few 55s on my blog, but being a wordy so-and-so, I always feel like someone's tied my hands. This is a nice twist!


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