Wednesday 11 August 2010

A Passing Piece Of Nonsense

While pondering on a tuba and its various delights, as envisaged by the incomparable Dr FTSE, I had the urge to compose the following:-

An Inner Tyre With Tuba Envy

Deep in black re-treaded depths
tuba notes grow in vitro.
They try to escape from my
inner tube, but can’t be heard.
Instead, their musical tone
is muted by rubber walls
dampening ardour and zest,
with no sign of melody.
But I strive to play my song
by inflating my body,
waiting for slow releasing
of air that holds me firm
to give me a voice.

Then I decided that Danny Kaye would have to give the final, finishing touch to whole thing, as his was the version that accompanied my childhood days!


  1. The tuba is one misunderstood instrument.

  2. Only Danny could brings such things to life! A thoughtful composition, Jinksy.

  3. I remember Tubby! And I love the sound of the tuba!

  4. Gauging from your amazing poem, you seem to be more of a bagpipe (no offense intended) or possibly an accordion (again, no offense intended)....

  5. How about doing that in the shape of a tuba. Now, there's a challenge for ya.

  6. oh that put a smile on my face!!!!
    I loved listening to these stories
    Sunday mornings on the radio....sigh....i loved that.
    Thank you for reminding me.
    ill play this for my babies tomorrow.

  7. What a great poem!

    I love tubas - taking on that instrument is definitely a labor of love. In San Francisco, there is a tuba orchestra. I also love old Taj Mahal records - he used lots of tubas instead of basses, in his songs. Way to go, Taj!

    LOVE Danny Kay.

  8. For those whom claim to love the sound of the tuba . . there's a Serenade for a Tubby HERE

  9. Jinksy . . . I didn't notice you had put 2 links in the header to your poem. I've duplicated one of them in the post above this one. Much thanks for the plugs. Even mucher thanks for the poem . . . poor sad inner tube! All it's musical ambitions walled up. Great to be reminded of Children's Choice!
    Now let's hear it for Sparky's Magic Piano.

  10. A tribute to the tuba...and you did it with class!

  11. I've been wallowing in my own childhood memories: There were some real gems that came up every Saturday for donkey's years on Children's Choice: remember Puff the Magic Dragon? and the Big Rock Candy Mountain, or the Ugly Bug Ball... You've really started something with this charming poem, Jinksy. Thank you.

  12. This made me think of a whoopie cushion.

  13. i loved what you've done here, always writing with a little bit of squirrel in your words, jinksy :)

  14. Brought tears of sadness to my eyes Jinksy - but oh how I used to love Danny Kaye.

  15. When I was younger I would have liked to play the tuba. It has such nice deep notes - oompah oompah! I always liked Danny Kaye too Penny - Dave

  16. I loved the tuba fellows (usually male) when I was in high school band, in fact dated one. They usually brought up the rear, because any other placement blocked view of the band drum major who gave direction for our various marching manuevers and kept cadence for the music.

  17. YOU make me laugh :). Oh the places you go!


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