Monday, 23 August 2010

More Of Life's Rich Tapestry

Thanks to GW for the title!

Flenny Noyders 

Ten Flenny Noyders
went for a stroll,
stumbled on a dillytow
and started to roll.
Uphill and own dale
they stroodabompy went
until their tiny totypills
were screwfilously bent.
They ran home to Mummy
a-rooning all the way,
and she laffatedly cobbed them
and told them ”Go away!”

Late Edition Extra! I have just created a new blog called  Alias Jinksy, where I hope to post more of the poetry, and less of the waffle. So why not come and take advantage of my two for one offer today? No charge for admission!


  1. Oh, good! You've posted it - I am pleased :-)

  2. I think my totypill is bent beyond repair Jinksy - lovely - really made me laugh.

  3. Oh yes, I remember those days when we stroodabompy went our ways. Mom was ever so ferrudidoodled when we came home with screwfilously bent totypills

  4. What a sense of humor you have Pen, and it all comes so Hugs

  5. This post brought a smile to my face. Mainly cause I am trying to figure out what a stroodabompy is.....

  6. Jinksy . . . I think you've noydered the yolkynunker in one of the fried fleggins in the little picclyhop.

    Anyone remember a mildly funny man on BBC radio - Professor Stanley Unwin. He did this sort of thing at great speed. No one ever found out why.

  7. Jinksy you are one fab poet, I would love to visit your new blog:)

    :D Liked the poem very much...You sure have a thing for poems...:)

  8. Well this one is a great one with humor. I am running late today but will try to vist new blog.

    You have lots of artistic zeal. One blog is all I can manage.

  9. I have no idea what you are saying, but I am laughing. That has got to be a great goal unto itself. LOL

  10. Turn my back for a second and you're up and away! Must have a look at this Alias!

  11. I enjoyed this fabulous word romp! I might use some of these words, with your permission, along life's way. I think they would serve me well!


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