Tuesday, 27 January 2009


As I am unable to navigate yet more waterways to get directly to a new venue on the Thames for further hilarity on and around boats, I thought I would set a little brain teaser for anyone still awake enough to function after reading the previous meanderings. No prizes for working it out, but I will sing a good old barbershop song for the winner (in my head, and all four parts... no mean feat.)

A Question Of What...

Basses are the cornerstone
and musical foundation,
rounded out and glorified
by Bari's intonations.
Ever tuneful Leads
require stamina and zest
so their melodious singing can be
heard above the rest!
Over all the Tenors trill,
perfectly at ease with
high, not mighty, singing
as gentle as a breeze, for
regulating breath control
makes for a better sound, and,
once you know the pitfalls you
need to work around,
you've nearly got it!

But what? That's the question... answers by pigeon post will be disqualified if too seedy.


  1. Ahh a quartet. Four part harmony.. harmony.. harmony.. harmonyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. I'm lost!! Your words are so unique that is is hard to follow sometimes:))

  3. God I'm glad I'm not the only one who's lost. Only thing I can say: lalalalalalalalalalalalala

  4. Yes, and I know a young man from Peru, who found he had nothing to do; so he sat on the stairs and counted his hair and found he had 92!
    A challenge too far methinks!
    Love Granny (*!*)

  5. I'm terrible at riddles. As a matter of fact we were just reading some in The Hobbit last night, and neither of us could get them. But I think you're after harmony, and I thought that before I read Hilary's response. Mind you, it took me three readings to come up with it, and I'm probably still wrong.

  6. Hmmm, a cup of coffee? Oh, wait, that's me who needs one of those! :)

  7. Groan! 'too seedy' 'pigeon post' !!! Like it!

    Just removed the babel fish and folded my intergalactic towel neatly to one side and then it hit me...... the answer has to be 42 surely!??


  8. 4 part barbershop harmony quartet???

  9. Well, I do believe that Hilary got it first. I concur with her (well, I'd like to, anyway, but we're both married, so I can only dream.)

  10. Does seem like a quartet to me, but can't help feeling that is too simple and that you have something else in mind. But what?? I think your poem is too subtle for me.

  11. Considering what you just told me via e-mail, I am in awe of this poem. Very Well Done!

  12. Looks like "barbershop harmony" to me, Jinksy; first letters of each line.

  13. Very clever! I was sitting in the bath and had a sudden thought (no, not eureka!) I was going to come to your comments page and say, was it the dawn chorus? You beat me to it by sending me an e mail.

  14. I hardly ever get visitors from the same shores as me so thanks for dropping by.

    Now about this brainteaser, I must say I never get outfoxed but today is a first. Feel free to sing the barbershop song anyway. :)

  15. I'm not qualified for this, so I'll just thank you for the comment and wish you good luck with all the pigeons (can supply pictures of various pigeons in London).

    PS My mother died ten years ago.

  16. WOW, now I'm really impressed (I get to come in after the answer was exposed).


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