Saturday, 4 April 2009

April Showers

The sun appeared to be having a weekend away. I awoke to the sound of raindrops plopping on the plastic ledge of the ancient, double glazed window in my bedroom. Enough to make me want to keep the curtains closed against the greyness of a wet day.

By the time I'd created my own indoor downpour in the shower, and got as far as the kitchen with wet hair adding to the illusion I'd been out in the rain myself, walking past that window were the huddled figures of two of my neighbours, umbrella aloft and shopping bags in evidence, trudging off to the supermarket, a picture of despondency.

Once in front of my computer, the whole of the outside world disappears. The vertical blinds that are tilted to obscure the forlorn sight of a soggy patio, mean that I am surprised, when I finally go back into the kitchen, to see a watery sun apologising for its absence earlier on. It had obviously been no more than an April shower, perfect title for a post, and a good way to lead into the next bit of poetic reminiscence.

I was lucky enough to be on Flexi Time, at work, so I'd occasionally have enough credit to leave at three o'clock, and avoid the hoards of schoolchildren that swamped the trains half an hour later. The journey home could become enjoyable, when taken in relative solitude. Some trains would complete it fairly quickly, only slowing down slightly if level crossing lights were against us, and not actually stopping more than once at a 'proper' station. Other trains, of the old slam door variety, would chugg along leisurely, stopping at every tiny halt, giving me plenty of time to view the scenery along the way.

Station names like Southbourne, Nutbourne, Fishbourne will maybe give you an idea of the small scale of this particular stretch of railway track. Beyond the narrow concrete platforms, the banks dipped down to farmlands, for the most part, with only occasional gardens of houses adjacent to the line. The following lines were written after a particularly long wait by one of those farmland vistas, on a typical rain and shine day, coming home from work.

Nature's Stage

April shower, rain cloud afternoon,
a blue-grey purple backdrop
to silhouette of slender tree trunks;
like moss covered cage bars,
they keep water laden, leaden skies at bay.

Between their vertical forms,
apple-pip shapes of yellow-green leaf buds,
in vivid sunshine spotlight,
form a waving audience
applauding the country scene before them.

At centre stage,
earth and sky merge in grey, blanketing rain,
as sunbeams dance a ring-a-roses roundelay,
holding sun and rain in precarious balance
like laughter and tears in small, excited child.


  1. Another gem from the Jinksy pen,

    is that a one line poem?

    I could be catching the poetic touch.
    Love Granny

  2. Nothing says "April" more than those rainy/sunny days that glisten. Your poem described it so well.

  3. April flowers bring forth sweet May flowers Jinksy - let's hope that holds good this year.

  4. That is making very good use of your time while waiting.

    It's been a rainy two days here. Better than snow though.

  5. I love "rain cloud afternoon" it's so distilled like haiku but evokes so much.

    I really like "apple-pip shapes of yellow-green leaf buds" as well! ;-)

    all my best,
    With Words Haiku Competition 2009

  6. I hope you have a sunshining day all day tomorrow. I know when the sun is shining I feel better. I know we need the rain, but I say let it rain while we sleep at night. Have a great day tomorrow.

  7. Thank you for commenting on my Blog.

    I liked the Poetic touch on this post.

  8. I love all the endashes in this poem and the resulting pacing of the poem. "ring-a-roses roundelay" is golden!

  9. My favorite line is:
    "as sunbeams dance a ring-a-roses roundelay,"
    I especially like this poem because of all the images it conjured up in my mind's eye.


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