Saturday, 25 April 2009

Seeing Things?

The Vision

In front of my computer
a golden angel stands,
as bold as brass
she shows her metal,
I'd have you understand.
A scalloped skirt
with patterned lace:
a halo round her head:
a music book before her
just waiting to be read.

Patiently she stands there,
although she doesn't sing.
She glistens in the sunlight,
her golden feathered wings
reaching up behind her
in an aerial display.

A tiny, brass, tree ornament,
she waits for Christmas day.


  1. She'll have a fairly long wait! But angels are patient, aren't they.

  2. I have to ask, is metal a word play on "mettle"? My classes are reading Shakespeare right now, so I'm seeing things everywhere : )

    Very nice piece : )

  3. I have a sweet robin, jinksy, that escaped the Christmas capture too! Your angel must be meant to be there, to help guide you... Perhaps she's your Muse, just like pebble sounds were yesterday! Have a fine day, friend!

  4. Fabulous, once again!!! I love the way you find the poetic in EVERYTHING!!!!!

  5. Sounds like she brings the spirit of Christmas to each and every day? I do love the gift you have to see the extraordinary in everything that is around you. If everyone had that vision, the world would be a much better place for all.

  6. KLo - 'metal' is indeed meant to make you think 'mettle', but metal it is, as she is brass!

  7. I drive my wife crazy waiting for Christmas...I have a Donald Duck stocking in my office all year long.

  8. I'm hear to with a cuppa Joe to catch up on reading your posts since the last time I've been here.

  9. I like your poems jinksy. You take something right in front of you and turn it into something that shines in lovely words! I love the one about the stones especially.

  10. I always leave one Christmas ornament out each year Jinksy - it started when I accidentally left one up and didn't notice it until about June! Now one always stays throughout the year. If I had an angel like yours then it would probably be the one! Lovely poem.

  11. We have angels everywhere because Mrs. RWP likes them. And our 8-ft. Christmas tree is almost exclusively angels, with a few icicles and snowflakes thrown in for good measure.

    In other words, I identify.

  12. Your poem puts me in mind of "Little Boy Blue" by Eugene Fields. Do you know it? I blogged about it here.

  13. Great imagery. I had to check the date though to make sure I hadn't dove into archives...or into the future.

  14. this is a lovely poem - please forgive me for not returning your email a long time ago...i have been soooooooo busy preparing for shows and trying to keep my blog somewhat updated... i think you are wonderful!!!

  15. I love the way you beautifully described your angel. Does she have a name? I remember one of my teachers told us each of us has an angel and we should name him/her. :)

  16. Jinksy, I want some of what you have! That syrup, y'know, the way it pours? Golden, smooth, glowing and rich.

  17. Super poem, I love Christmas and especially my angel ornaments. I have 2 beautiful glass ones and they're gorgeous.


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