Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Tag,Tessa? A TAG??!!

Groans of horror and disgust - though it took An Aerial Armadillo to flaunt her red cape at me (c.f. bullfighting jargon) enough to make me want to put down horns and charge... At her, or it - not sure which.

Tags are as bad, if not worse, than awards. Umpteen questions waiting to be answered like an exam paper? Not Pygmalion likely. See, I've already answered the first question, in a back handed way - current obsessions! Can I not indulge in an anti-tag obsession as good as any Suldog or maybe Chairman Bill could invent?

I sit here, listening to the distant barking of an extremely yappy, annoying dog drowning out the quiet hum of my computer, and the rattling of it's keys beneath my fingers. Trusty Birkenstocks adorn my feet, as I re-read my words to see how many typo's I can spot, before I give in and click the ABC button. I've already held forth on Springtime's cherry blossom, cowslips, violets and dandelions in recent posts, so Tessa must forgive me for not naming another 'flower of the moment' in answer to yet another of those dratted questions.

I take a guilty, tongue-in-cheek pleasure from playing the grouch, you see; this is quite apart from the sinful pleasure of eating a dish of profiteroles oozing cream and chocolate sauce when my daughter, her daughters and little (ha ha?) old me visited Pizza Hut this weekend. This is the kind of 'holiday' I like best - a complete, spur of the moment, out of the ordinary (for me, anyway) activity. We hadn't planned such an outing, but as the girls had differing ideas of what would or would not be acceptable meal time fodder, I saved the arguments and washing up by letting the moths out of my purse and offering to treat us at the establishment that would cater for their pizza pash, while allowing their mum and I to savour a sedate salad. Followed by those anything-but-sedate profiteroles...

I don't plan on repeating such a holiday in the near future, as it will take time for the purse moths to recover from the outing first, not to mention my piggy bank. Until somebody perfects the technique of 'beam me up Scotty' travel, I am perfectly content to stay at home and let my mind do the wandering. Which it does, all over the place, as you may have noticed if you've ready many of my posts.

So I'm a jeans wearing, batty old git who laughs at herself probably as much as other people do, never knowing which piece of idiocy will next reduce me to the snorting stage, topic also covered previously in discussions with Gumbo Writer and Sweet Mango, if my memory serves me correctly.

If you want to see the list of questions which prompted this outburst, I suggest you go visit Tessa, after which, you will see I've mostly answered them all, despite ignoring boring list format. Feel free to quiz me further, should you feel cheated by this. But be warned, any mention of Tags, Awards etc, is likely to set me off again...


  1. Finally, a tag made interesting! Grin. I'm sooo with you on the "beam me up, Scotty" mode of time travel, any other route is such a rotten start to an enjoyable adventure.

  2. Oh, girl of my own heart! Couldn't agree more. Travelling is the pits!

  3. In the classic tradition of Suldog, you have written! Well done and way to break up a list and answer a tag!

  4. Yikes! I don't know whether to cower away in a tremble of Pink Embarrassment or to stand up and applaud loudly. Probably a bit of both!

    I rather suspected that the indomitable jinksy might take us by surprise when I tagged her...and I did it with timid trepidation, believe me! Hoot! Great stuff, jinks (she probably hates abbreviated names as well.)

    ------>slinks off.....

  5. OMG! A Slinking Pink Tessa was worth posting for, if nowt else! xxx

  6. LOLOL! Wise, wise wisdom to remember in the future! LOVE your tag! Jenni

  7. Love your approach to tags! Enjoyable ~ and thanks!

  8. Somebody once told me that playing the grouch opened up all sort of opportunities for you ... you could say what you wanted without impunity, yet those that really knew you wouldn't be fooled, so they'd be in on ... the joke, I guess you could say.

    I don't know : )

    You sound like a very wise lady to me : )

  9. Love it
    "So I'm a jeans wearing, batty old git who laughs at herself probably...."
    You sound to be a darling of the first order.
    Well done as always Jinksy.
    Love Granny

  10. I'm not much of a tag kind of guy either, but sometimes they serve as unblockers.

  11. LOL. I don't know if I'd call you Batty, but we love you even when you're grouchy, (mostly because that's when you're especially funny). Your honesty is refreshing and entertaining as always!


  12. Loved the post. I to have a tendency to wander while trying to write something on my own, and I also carry on a conversation the same way. Husband has already asked me, how my Mother and I know after our visit, what we even talked about. Because he said to him it sounds like we never finish one thing before we're off on something else.

    Sounds like you, your daughter and the granddaughters had a nice time. Yes, it can get expensive when eating out and you're paying for it.

    Hope your eyes are all better.

  13. Very Clever!!!! And you've expressed my feelings exactly!!! ~Janine XO

  14. The low hum of your computer Jinksy? Do computers hum - if so I have never heard mine do so - I am very deaf so it may well have hummed a tune and me not heard it.#
    I do love your grouching about tags - I imagine you sitting there in your birkenstocks and getting all ratty about that yapping dog.
    As for the profiteroles - I think we will draw a veil over them -

  15. Oh, you're having the last laugh, all right. What a clever twist. We do get to know a bit more of the temperament now, don't we?

  16. Jinks, you are the sullen jinx par excellence, darling - I am so pleased you had a good week, not surprised by the profiteroles, nor the cost, but you are grand, and brave, and beautiful, and you will survive, darling!!

  17. snorting ahahahaha i forgot about that....LOLOLOLOLOLsnort,snortLOLOL.!!
    I love that about you and me, still giggling right now as I write!!
    I think that is a fabulous bio, and should be used for all future queries as to "who is jinsky"!!

  18. Loved it! Batty jeans wearing git or not, you're adorably frank and i am meditating on weight-free profiteroles cascading down on you :))

  19. Lakeviewer - never judge a book by it's cover, or a blogger by her ranting...

    But Jewels - do call me batty anytime, I am...

    And Janine - welcome to the anti-tag club...

    Everyone else has had an email reply behind the scenes, I think, as I do like to chat back...

  20. Oops! Missed you out Lime, but feel free to email as per profile page, if you feel ignored! x

  21. "I take a guilty, tongue-in-cheek pleasure from playing the grouch..."

    Isn't it great fun?

    Jim (Suldog, that is)

  22. Oh! I enjoyed this one, you dear, batty person!

  23. There you go again doling out spankings. I swear you frighten the bejeepers out of some!

  24. Above your "Post a Comment" put a polite note, something like:

    "I prefer authoring a tag-free, meme-free, and award-free blog. Thank you."


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