Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Association Of Ideas

Having a jumble of words and pictures in mind today (as usual), I've decided to to pull these particular images out for closer inspection: Christmas: rain: sun - and finally, a couple of not-so-angelic angels - my granddaughters.

On 27 December 2008, on only my second go at Blogging (ever), I posted a poem which the girls had sparked last time I went to stay with them. They have a girlie-girl love of shoes, young as they are, and every time I walked in or out of their hall, a wonderful array of footwear (duplicated in each case) greeted my eyes. The perfect subject for a poem. No comments were ever left on that post, so my words have floated around cyberspace, ignore, unloved, unread to all intents and purposes.

Apologies to any who may have read them before, but not commented. I'm putting them forward again, as I still think they're rather fun - like my granddaughters, really!

My Shoes

For sunny days
I've sandals
with flowers on the toes.
I think one is a daisy
and the other is a rose.

For chilly days
I've pink boots
with fur around the top,
and four, big fluffy pom-poms
that go ker-flip, ker-flop.

For stormy days
I've wellingtons
to wear out in the rain
and jump in lots of puddles,
then jump in then again.

But when It's dark
and time for bed,
the slippers on my feet
have many tiny, twinkling lights,
so I dance, instead of sleep!


  1. Lovely poem. Reminds me of A. A. Milne, actually.

  2. How delightful for those girls to have someone like you who can spin her word-web and create a poem for their sweet-dancing feet.

  3. I'm sooo glad you re-posted this! It's absolutely delightful!!! What images it conjures up in my mind!

  4. Made me have happy feet. Wanna add a stanza with socks? :)

  5. Delightful! Makes me think of my four year old granddaughter, who has a "thing" for shoes.

  6. Lovely lines!
    I could almost imagine the tiny feet. :)

  7. Hi Jinksy, This one reminds me of 'the twelve dancing princesses,' a fairy story I loved as a child and still love today. The lights twinkling in tghe diamond forest and dancing through their slippers every night. If your granddaughters don't know it I'm sure they would love it.

  8. What a wonderful poem, your Granddaughter's should have loved it.

  9. They'll treasure that poem all their lives.

  10. Girls and their shoes! Great ending.

  11. Oh, that is so great!! I loved it. I can just see a young girl saying that.

  12. Very nice. Every woman (not only a girl) can relate to this poem! :)

  13. Oooh, I'd love slippers with tiny twinkling lights. Enchanting poem, can't believe it was ignored - forsooth!

  14. This is my new all time favourite!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Dance instead of sleep, what a lovely thought.

  15. really lovely poem - have you read it to any kids? think they would love it. x

  16. This one calls it all out for things young girly and sweet. Nice.

  17. Oh that is so so cute! I can just imagine the little girls prancing and dancing in their slippers.


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