Friday 3 April 2009

In Holiday Mood

Last Saturday, at the end of my daily dose of Blogwaffling, I wrote out a poem called Night Flight. What I didn't mention, was where the destination of the plane had been, all those years ago when it first saw the light of day. Gibraltar.

I first went there at the tender age of seventeen, to visit my cousin and her family, and that was where I met the man I would eventually marry when I was twenty three. Gibraltar was an intriguing place, managing to be British and Foreign at the same time, and I defy anyone on holiday there in those days not to fall in love with it. What it's like today, of course, I have no idea.

By the time I reached the grand old age of twenty one, cousin and family were back home in England, but future hubby was still out there, and arranged for me to stay with friends of his when I was given a ticket to fly out for another visit as a special birthday gift.

There were still many English families living 'on the Rock', as the phrase went, whom I'd met on my fist visit, and trips across the border into Spain were all part of the fun. One weekend we stayed at a particularly lovely small hotel, built around pretty gardens complete with a swimming pool and today's poem gives you and idea of that sunny holiday.

Spanish Idyll

April, but warmth that belies the name Spring
comes from the sunshine that lights everything.
So the scene of that holiday's magically set
with sights, sounds, sensations
I'll never forget.

A small, shy turtle swims by in the pool,
glad to dive down to the depths
of the cool, green blue waters
and lie there at ease in dappled seclusion
beneath the tall trees.

Straight conifers border the road to the beach,
scenting the noon air. Their great branches reach
towards blue sky and sun, and give shade
to the carpeted, needle-strewn
path they have made.

Emerging stars at the onset of night
set the dark heavens ablaze with their light,
as cicadas and crickets supply
an orchestral backing
to night's lullaby.


  1. It's not fair! Europeans can go to Spain and Italy for a break while North Americans are stuck with Florida. :)

  2. Oooh, I do miss the cicada and cricket orchestra so much! Lovely poem conjuring a sunshiney day and the later arrival of a balmy evening, jinksy.

  3. I came across a quote from John Constable this morning that reminded me of you and your poems. "From the window I am writing I see all those sweet fields…" Of course you see more than sweet fields, but it was the looking and turning what you see into art that struck me.

  4. Made me yawn. I mean that in a good way, of course. Made me look forward to sometime a bit from now when the air is pleasant at night and filled with wonderful soft sounds of nature. Thanks, Jinksy!

  5. I have only seen Gibraltar in transit so to speak - on my way to Marrakech, so I sat on a plane and watched - saw an enormous, very English, cemetery. Also it is the only place I have ever landed where they had to close off the road like a railway crossing in order for the plane to land. Love the poem though.

  6. 22 degrees C. today, I'm not saying it was because of your sunny poem, but you can never be sure.....

    Hugs xx

  7. WE saw the sky today which was nice. Then I got to read your poem which was even nicer.
    The into to the poem leaves me with questions. Did your husband die? Are you divorced. Are you still together. Nosey aren't I.

  8. Jinksy, have you written poetry all your life, and do you write on the spot, as it were, or afterwards, with the warmth of memories?

    Very lovely, as always, fair poetess x

  9. What I wouldn't give to hear a night's orchestra. Sweet memories, Jinksy.

  10. I like the rhythmn in that second stanza and the line "depths of the cool." Very jazzy!

    Any word from the publisher? Did you enter a contest, or did they find tell.

  11. "A small, shy turtle swims by in the pool,
    glad to dive down to the depths
    of the cool, green blue waters
    and lie there at ease in dappled seclusion
    beneath the tall trees."

    That's beautiful.

  12. You are a nosey lot today! Brief history: married 1964, divorced 1992 (amicably), ex died 2000.

    I write on the spot: within a day or two: from memory : from imagination - anything's possible - and have been writing since my late teens.

    I submitted three poems online and the Aquisitions Department at asked to review my work. Should hear from them within the next two weeks, they say.


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