Sunday, 19 April 2009

Haiku Never Come Singly

When I put pen to paper to tell Blogland at large that I was playing Granny, not jinksy, for a couple of days, I doodled a few lines on the A4 pad in front of me and they very soon shaped themselves into a useable form. But I seem to have a switch in my head that always wants more of the satisfying, 17 syllable rythm, so here are a couple more haiku that were born at the same time.

Small Can Be Loud

Shy violet blooms,
shouting royal purple notes
as fanfare for Spring.

(I didn't realise how apt this description would soon be for youngest granddaughter, whose voice ricochets round as she plays her imaginary games upstairs in her bedroom, while her sister, wearing bright, purple jeans that could outshine any violet, is still down here being sociable!)

Then a passing April shower was enough to call this next offering into existance:-

Bird Bath

Silver rain falling;
shallow stone bowl over-brims,
crying slow tear drops.

I hope such tiny offerings are enough to make your visits worthwhile...


  1. Haiku impress me, because I can't do them!

  2. The crying bird bath is a great/sad image.

  3. I knew it :) Love them, you Poetry Ma'am you :)xxx

  4. I adore your Small but Loud haiku!!!!! "Shouting purple notes as a fanfare for Spring," is simply brilliant! Visiting from God of Another World! So glad I came!

  5. Thanks for stopping by...I am honored to "meet" you, and to find a new friend, YOU! ~Janine

  6. Visits to your blog are always worthwhile Jinksy.

  7. oh i especially love the one about violets. marvelous.

  8. Thanks for the visit, Jinski, and I have come again to read this beautiful post on the recommendation of God of another World. Eddie

  9. Gee, its colourful round here - lime and Eddie Bluelights, welcome! xxx

  10. They are Jinksy, rich in imagery even though only a few words. Sometimes less is more.

  11. Tiny offerings?
    Oh, I think not!
    The Muse

  12. Really good haikus Jinks - they can take over your life if you're careful... I just can't stop...

    Snow drops no longer,
    Sweet meadows growing skyward
    Soon herald summer.

    Pink x

  13. You're so poetic Jinksy. I've tried to make haiku many times but I couldn't come up with something as wonderful as yours.

  14. A visit with you
    Is such a fine, verbal treat
    And always worthwhile

  15. Visits to your blog are always an absolute delight. I don't always have time to pop in every day, but when I do, I spend happy half-hours soaking up your words and the images which come to mind while reading your posts.


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