Saturday, 11 April 2009


Many thanks to one and all
for kind words you have left;
without my daily blogging
I feel totally bereft.
But tablets make me dozy
and ointment makes eyes blur
the writing on the PC screen,
so leaves me quite unsure
as to what it is I'm reading,
a sad and sorry state.
Until after Easter Holiday
that's all I can relate!


  1. Ah, jinksy, I've had that eyes blurred by the ointment - We call it oinkment in my family - don't ask... - so many times - I hope you feel better very soon, precious poet, and do take care x

  2. You can create endless verse in your marvellous head.

    I hope it all turns around soon. All the best.

  3. My lovely sorry to hear of your's so nice to be back here with you after so long...i'm stepping out and finding a little strength to go to some blogs...yours is one of the first, my lovely...

  4. Hope you have a good re-energising break. I love your poetry.
    Let rest be the precious balm to soothe you.

    Love Granny

  5. A mixture of iambic hexameter and iambic heptameter that makes me smile!

  6. Happy Easter, now rest those eyes.

  7. Poor Jinksy - am thinking of you - see you have still got your sense of humour with that verse - hope you are soon back on form.

  8. I'm sure the eyes so itchy
    Are making you quite bitchy
    So it's best that you don't write!
    You might give us a fright.

    Get well soon,

  9. Jinksy, hope the Easter bunny brings ya a fast cure and you're back to "normal" soon. :)

  10. Oh poor Jinksy, I was worried about you. Been busy with other things so sorry I haven't checked in on you earlier. Havantaclue what you are suffering from, so I'm now going to scroll down and read the rest of your posts.

    Lots of love and hugs.

  11. Until then...

  12. But your fingers know the keys without sight and you sure can weave a well rounded poem succinct!
    Get better...oh, should have written that bigger so you can see...GET BETTER!

  13. Oh my goodness, Jinsky! You just rest and recover! You're added to my prayer list. Sorry I didn't get to checking in on you earlier. Hope you had a good holy week.


  14. Dozy tablets are good. Enjoy them while you're able.

  15. I have missed you and now I know why. I thought I was just too busy, but so sorry to see you have not been seeing so well! Get well!

  16. Oh yukky oinkment (What do you put on sick pigs? Oinkment). Is that the one A Woman of No Importance?! Well just you rest while you can't see and are feeling sleepy. Love your poem.


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