Monday, 2 August 2010

Verifiable Nonsense

That was the request of today's Poetry Bus Driver, Nanu, - that tickets were to be purchased by collecting free samples ... of word verifications!
Having left everything to the very last minute, I was going to miss the Bus for this week, but  a prod from my creative devil prompted me to concoct this offering a moment ago and leap onto the platform in one gargantuan, though late, stride.

If only...

I'd like a job like Blogger's.
I could dodyliff all day
inventing splochi phloffers
(quite japfalod and gay)
for word verifications -
I'd do it for no pay!

No misaplovel spellings
would haunt my very dreams
when my twidanocky digits
typed words I didn't mean.
Imagination squafolding,
I'd write 'em by the ream,
'cos me an' totzy nonsense
make an undiflopit team.

P.S. No Word verifications were vandalised to create the above. I have totally forged my ticket today, in order to exercise my funny bone. Spell checker is currently lying down in a darkened room...


  1. spellchecker bedaddled! much fun, jinksy

  2. This is so much fun to kickstartadaddle my Monday!

  3. I had the same idea way back in Napowrimo, Jinksy, but mine was nowhere near as perfect a poem as yours, which is terrific.

  4. jinksy - you are so clever!!! this was a heap of fun to read! steven

  5. Very clever! I did a similar thing some time ago but it makes no sense at all, merely scans. Yours is definitely plausible and be blowed to spellchecker - he only speaks American English anyway, if that's not an oxymoron.

  6. Spell checker is worn out and feeling left out.
    How could we not smile as read your fun poem.
    Thanks for the jolly read.

  7. I found my verification poem, way back at the beginning of my blog - so bad that I didn't even keep a copy!
    An everyday story of garden folk (with apologies to the Archers, BBC Radio4)

    I smirkles when chesesti refts
    Birdsi galard unwyzdig
    sorst atanc for a daily coakinge.
    Moggey hunts Birdsi:
    galard gonrom.
    Moggey cortsup defuncked:
    nonnes humful .
    “Ophymn” Galard fretstr.
    “nymilgu giall moggey.”
    Surebre uninglut gobvess inomal
    flartati ronsom axiangli carbari.
    Moggey beweds, tatble drozed.

    I hereby promise to do a proper

  8. Hahah, I'm having a bit of a dodyliff in reading this rather than working. Most amusing!

  9. Vivienne Blake, I salute you!

  10. Very funny. I enjoyed that.
    Blessings, Star

  11. Delightful ... loved the flow, loved the fractured words!

  12. PS ... fractured as it pertains to your lovely poem just means brilliantly broken words.

  13. You've pulled out all the stops here, Jinksy. Brilliant!

  14. You ooze humour from your every pore Jinksy.

  15. Excellent. I may have to turn my word verification back on just to play with it.

  16. Jinsky, you are a genius! I love this kind of inventive, nonsensicle creativity. Thanks for making me chuckle, you have such an admirable wit!

  17. The more of these I read the more tired our daily words seem!

  18. Jinksy . . that's stornvolutely specklebrant! Confragtillations!

  19. I love love love it! How to chose my favourite bit? It's either 'twidaknocky digits' and 'undiflopit team'... probably the latter as it sounds a little risque!

  20. I found you via Tessa's Armadillo blog - and what a great find. You are so talented and hilarious :)

  21. me likes as well......:-) hugs

  22. LOLOL that is very good and very funny!! Well done!

    p.s thank you for the compliment on my painting, im so glad you like it :)

  23. Oh Jinksy, this is hilarious LOL
    I had to read some words twice, just to let my mind work out if they were real or WV's. I can totally sympathize with your spell checker

  24. Best ever PS note on a poem...
    I think I could dodyliff all day too sometimes


  25. Oh my. My first visit but without a doubt not my last. This made me laugh out loud. Not many things do that. I shall have to work some of these words into my lexicon and see if anyone notices! What fun! xx Jos

  26. Jinksy,
    thanks for sending me your ten made-up words story, perhaps you should post it here on your blog. It is really good. At this rate, reading some of these comments, we'll all be writing kemplotted noonsonse treppy swoon.


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